Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Tuscany Sprint Tour: Overall victories of Rjabyshkin and Kadan

Sergei Rjabyshkin and Ursula Kadan were the winners of the 2016 Tuscany Sprint Tour. Over three days, the historical center of Montalcino, Siena and San Gimignano hosted exciting races that involved near two thousand competitors.

How to resist the allure of a weekend in the charming Tuscany, to visit the historic center of some of its most beautiful cities and search its hidden beauties with a map and a compass? This was the proposal of Idrott Klubb Pratt that, last weekend, offered to near two thousand participants from 21 different countries the opportunity to experience the excitement of Orienteering courses in the magnificent cities of Montalcino, San Gimignano and Siena. Named 2016 Tuscany Sprint Tour, the event offered a night race Mass Start in Montalcino, the Italia Cup's final stage in San Gimignano and, finally, the last stage of the 2016 Sprint Race Tour in Siena, the latter scoring for the IOF Sprint World Ranking.

The Austrian Ursula Kadan (OJE Wappler) was the event's great name, reaching a victorious “hat-trick” with the overall time of 1:07:51. The athlete started the best way, winning the first stage with a near five-minute advantage on the Estonian Kirti Rebane. Skipping the first stage, the Italian Christine Kirchlechner (Sportclub Meran ASD) would be the great opponent of the Austrian in the remaining stages, reaching the second position in both cases. With two fourth places and a third, the very young Croatian Pia Ocvirk (OK Japetic) saw her stability worth the second place overall, near ten minutes after the winner, while Rebane got the third place with more 12:34 than Kadan.

In the Men Senior class the victories in the three stages were spread over as many athletes with the Belgian Clément Demeuse (CO Liège) winning in Montalcino, the Italian Alessio Tenani (GS Forestale) getting the triumph in San Gimignano and the French Marty Loïc ( team France CO) being the fastest in Siena. Overall, the victory would eventually smile to the Estonian Sergei Rjabyshkin (SRD SK), after all the most regular, with the time of 1:12:03 and an advantage of 46 seconds over Demeuse and two minutes on his compatriot Kristo Heinmann (Ilves OK).

Overall Results

Men Senior
1. Sergei Rjabyshkin (SRD SK EST) 1:12:03 (+ 00:00)
2. Clément Demeuse (CO Liège BEL) 1:12:49 (+ 00:46)
3. Kristo Heinmann (Ilves OK EST) 1:14:03 (+ 02:00)
4. Jonas Lundgren (Linköpings OK SWE) 1:14:51 (+ 02:48)
5. George Mavchun (Northern Wind RUS) 1:15:07 (+ 03:04)

Women Senior
1. Ursula Kadan (OJE Wappler AUT) 1:07:51 (+ 00:00)
2. Pia Ocvirk (OK Japetic CRO) 01:17:47 (+ 09:56)
3. Kirti Rebane (SK Saue Tammed EST) 1:20:25 (+ 12:34)
4. Heike Torggler (Sportclub Meran ASD) 1:20:30 (+ 12:39)
5. Brie Gschöpf (OJE Wappler AUT) 1:20:31 (+ 12:40)

Complete results and further information at http://www.ikprato.com/index.php/en/events/tuscany-sprint-tour-16.

Joaquim Margarido

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  1. At first day just put big mistake with 9th control and realy wrong routechouse for 18th. Second day it was lottery for everyone with 13th controll- the number was putted on wall, there can be hole, but no- much of athletes putted mistake with this for 1min. (even Scaletti). 3 day it was usual sprint with no tricks.