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WMOC 2016: First gold to Matthias Kyburz and Natalia Efimova

Switzerland and Russia were the prevailing colours on the podiums of the Middle Distance race that opened the World Military Orienteering Championships, taking place in Brazil for the fifth time in 49 editions. Stronger than their opponents, Matthias Kyburz and Natalia Efimova reached the first gold of the Championships.

With the Middle Distance stage filing in the program, started in the Region of the Lakes, 200 kilometres east of Rio de Janeiro, the 49th edition of the World Military Orienteering Championships WMOC 2016. São Pedro D 'Aldeia, Armação de Búzios and Arraial do Cabo are the epicenter of an event coordinated by the Brazilian Military Sports Commission and the Brazilian Ministry of Defense, under the aegis of CISM - International Council of Military Sport.

The Men's race was attended by 149 athletes and had in the Swiss Matthias Kyburz the great winner. In a real jungle orienteering, the current World Champion of Middle Distance knew how to manage his race in the best way, reaching the finish with the time of 31:23. Returning to the big international events after a long break, the Russian Leonid Novikov got the second position, 1:13 after the winner. Martin Hubmann, Switzerland, was ranked third, followed by the Russians Valentin Novikov and Dmitrii Tsvetkov. The Brazilian Sidnaldo Farias de Sousa gave the note of sensation by finishing in the 10th position with more 4:05 than Kyburz.

Russia and Switzerland returned to be the main forces in the female competition, filling entirely the podium. Natalia Efimova, Russia, was the fastest, finishing with the time of 30:32 and a 44-second lead over the second-placed Sarina Jenzer, Switzerland. The Russian Yulia Novikova got thr 3rd place with the time of 31:47 and a six-second advantage over the fourth placed, Ursula Kadan, Austria. In a race that counted 55 competitors, the best Brazilian athlete was Letícia Saltori, in the 13th place, with 7:03 more than the winner. Franciely Chiles also joined the top 20, finishing in the 18th place.


1. Matthias Kyburz (Switzerland) 31:23 (+ 00:00)
2. Leonid Novikov (Russia) 32:36 (+ 01:13)
3. Martin Hubmann (Switzerland) 33:14 (+ 01:51)
4. Valentin Novikov (Russia) 33:19 (+ 01:56)
5. Dmitri Tsvetkov (Russia) 33:26 (+ 02:03)
6. Sander Vaher (Estonia) 34:46 (+ 03:23)

1. Natalia Efimova (Russia) 30:32 (+ 00:00)
2. Sarina Jenzer (Switzerland) 31:16 (+ 00:44)
3. Yulia Novikova (Russia) 31:41 (+ 01:09)
4. Ursula Kadan (Austria) 31:47 (+ 01:15)
5. Svetlana Mironova (Russia) 32:19 (+ 01:47)
6. Elena Roos (Switzerland) 32:38 (+ 02:06)

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