Thursday, November 24, 2016

WMOC 2016: Fourth gold to Kyburz

After winning both the Middle and Long Distance and also the Team Competition, Matthias Kyburz got the gold again with the Swiss Relay Team in the last day of the 49th World Military Orienteering Championships. Russia was a natural winner in the Women Relay, with Natalia Efimova getting her third gold.

Under the motto "Friendship Through Sport", was in an atmosphere of great celebration and joy that came to an end the 49th World Military Orienteering Championships that took place in Brazil. The coastal city of Buzios was a worthy host of the event's final stage, welcoming with all its hospitality and sympathy the 44 male and 13 female teams, totalising 170 athletes from 25 countries.

In the Men competition, Switzerland and Russia soon got a good advantage over the rest of the teams, with Florian Howald being five-second faster than Dmitrii Nakonechnyi in the first leg. In the second leg the best time belonged to the Austrian Gernot Kerschbaumer, but the highlight goes to Martin Hubmann who managed to get rid of Dmitrii Tsvetkov, launching Matthias Kyburz for the decisive leg with near one-minute advantage. Once again, Kyburz performed highly, setting the fastest time on this leg and giving to Switzerland a win with the time of 2:20:51. Threatened by Poland and Austria teams, Russia had to run at its best in order to keep the second place, finishing with the time of 2:22:40. Seven seconds later came Poland, having to settle with the bronze medal, while the Austrians were fourth, six seconds behind Poland. Brazil had a misfortunate day and wasn’t able to get better than the 12th place, finishing 32:45 after the winners.

The Women competition had in Russia a natural winner, although the Swiss Elena Roos had been the fastest to finish the first leg. The truth is that Angela Schwab was quickly caught by the athletes of Russia, Poland and Lithuania, and Yulia Novikova launched to the final leg her team mate Galina Vinogradova, with an advantage of more than five minutes over the most direct opponents. Vinogradova would extend this margin to the 8:32 over Poland, second ranked, scoring an overall time of 1:45:24. Spending more 11:18 than Russia, Lithuania reached the third position. With Edneia Roniak, Franciely Chiles and Letícia Saltori in the team, Brazil finished in the 7th position, 18:45 after the winners.


1. Switzerland (Florian Howald, Martin Hubmann, Matthias Kyburz) 2:20:51 (+ 00:00)
2. Russia (Dmitrii Nakonechnyi, Dmitrii Tsvetkov, Andrey Khramov) 2:22:40 (+ 01:49)
3. Poland (Michal Olejnik, Bartosz Pawlak, Wojciech Kowalski) 2:22:47 (+ 01:56)
4. Austria (Mathias Hans Reiner, Gernot Kerschbaumer, Robert Merl) 2:22:53 (+ 02:02)
5. Lithuania (Algirdas Bartkevicius, Jonas Vytautas Gvildys, Vilius Aleliunas) 2:26:18 (+ 05:27)
6. Estonia (Lauri Sild, Sander Vaher, Timo Sild) 2:30:08 (+ 09:17)

1. Russia (Natalia Efimova, Yulia Novikova, Galina Vinogradova) 1:45:24 (+ 00:00)
2. Poland (Hanna Wisniewska, Ewa Gwozdz, Aleksandra Hornik) 1:53:56 (+ 08:32)
3. Lithuania (Vesta Ambrazaite, Sandra Pauzaite, Tekle Emilija Gvildyte) 1:56:42 (+ 11:18)
4. Switzerland (Elena Roos, Angela Schwab, Sarina Jenzer) 1:56:56 (+ 11:32)
5. Estonia (Laura Joonas, Eleri Hirv, Annika Rihma) 1:58:29 (+ 13:05)
6. Denmark (Astrid Hadberg, Lea reime, Nina Germann Najbjerg) 2:03:04 (+ 17:40)

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