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Tatyana Oborina: "I'm a hard worker"

Tatyana Oborina met “accidentally” the Orienteering at the age of 11 and it was love at first sight. Besides some good results in MTB Orienteering achieved a few years ago, it was to the Ski Orienteering that she devoted her career, being nowadays one of its most sounding names. Let's get to know her a little better.

The first question is always the easiest. Would you like, in brief, to introduce yourself?

Tatyana Oborina (T. O.) - I'm a simple Russian girl who lives in Perm, in the Ural region, and studies Physical Education in the University of Chelyabinsk. I love every kind of sport, but Orienteering is my passion, of course. I like being with my friends, walking and also staying home with my family.

How did you meet Orienteering?
T. O. - One day I was walking and, by chance, I noticed a sports school where they were telling about Orienteering. I liked the idea and it was the start of my career. We were in 2004.

What came first: MTBO or SkiO?

T. O. - SkiO, naturally, mostly because in my region the winter lasts a long time (laughs). And also because MTBO is a young sport.

Six years ago, I could see you in Portugal, being part of the Russian Junior Team presented in the World MTB Orienteering Championships. What memories do you keep from the event?

T. O. -Hmmm... I remember the delicious food and the desserts, a beautiful country and a wonderful banquet. And, of course, great competitions.

Why did you give up from MTBO at the highest level, betting everything in the SkiO?

T. O. - Because it's very difficult to perform at the highest level in two disciplines (at least, I don’t have such possibility). Besides that, skiing is cheaper than biking.

What do you see in Ski Orienteering that makes it so special?

T. O. - I see the hard work (laughs). The connection between mind and legs at the same time is quite demanding. This applies to all Orienteering disciplines but more specifically to SkiO because of the speed on the tracks.

You started the last season with an impressive victory in Finland and you finished 3rd in the 2015/2016 World Cup. How do you rate the season? Did you expect such good results?

T. O. - Yes, of course, because I'm a hard worker (laughs). Well, the beginning of the season was really successful and the winning in Finland was a pleasant surprise. But some sad mistakes in the ESOC, in Austria, left a not so good impression of the overall season.

If I asked you to choose the best Ski Orienteering achievement of the season, what would it be?

T. O. - I would choose my victory in Finland.
Is there an athlete that you see as an idol, a source of inspiration? What does he/she has that you don’t?

T. O. - Not being a kind of idol, Tove Alexandersson is someone that I admire. She is a unique person.

Next season will open again in Finland, with the European Championships, having in the World Championships, in your country, its highest moment. What do you expected from both events?

T. O. - I expect decent competitions, sports holiday and fair fights!

How is it going your preparation? Would you like to share some of the next steps before the big events?

T. O. - Everything goes according to planned. We have some selection races in Russia to get into the team; after that it will be possible to predict. But, in general, I'll do the SkiO Tour.

Are we going to see you reaching a World title in 2017? Will it be in the Sprint or in the Long Distance?

T. O. - I hope so! I would like it to be in the Sprint, because in the Long Distance I already have a small title.

What other goals have you designed for the next season?
T. O. - The main goal is to win the World Championships!!! 

Would you like to share your biggest wish?

T. O. - I wish people to be kind and do Orienteering.

[Photo courtesy of Sven Åke Nordenmark / Nordenmark Adventure /]

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