Saturday, January 07, 2017

Aurora Borealis PreO 2017: Antti Rusanen was a "cool" winner

After an intense fight with Marko Määttälä, Antti Rusanen was the winner of the Aurora Borealis PreO 2017. The event took place under temperatures around - 24º Celsius and was attended by 27 brave competitors.

The Vuosaari Golf course, in Helsinki, Finland, hosted yesterday the 4th edition of the Aurora Borealis PreO, “the coolest event ever”. Set by Ari Tertsunen – in a brand new map with his signature – the course offered 22 tasks, plus a timed station with three more tasks. Between the 27 competitors that headed to Vuosaari, it was possible to find the winners of the event's previous editions, Aleksei Laisev (Keravan Urheilijat), Pinja Mäkinen (Koo-Vee) and Anna Jacobson (OK 77). Antti Rusanen, Pekka Seppa, Martti Inkinen, Marko Määttälä or Esko Juntilla were also some of the big names of the World of TrailO that attended the event.

After a hard and challenging course, under temperatures of - 24º C, Antti Rusanen and Marko Määttälä were able to finish their courses without mistakes, keeping the big decision for the timed station. Here, again, none of both competitors missed one single task, but Rusanen answered in 11 seconds, being three seconds faster than his closer opponent and getting quite "cool" a victory. With the same time in the timed controls but less one point than the winner, Pinjä Makinen took the third place. One final note: Just seven seconds separated the bronze from the 7th place. 


1. Antti Rusanen (Keravan Urheilijat) 22 points / 11 seconds
2. Marko Määttälä (Kaustisen Pohjan-Veikot) 22 points / 14 seconds
3. Pinja Mäkinen (Koo-Vee) 21 points / 11 seconds
4. Petteri Suominen (Helsingin Poliisi-Voimailijat) 21 points / 12 seconds
5. Aleksei Laisev (Keravan Urheilijat) 21 points /14 seconds
6. Esko Junttila (Muuramen Rasti) 21 points /15 seconds
7. Ari Uotila (Kokemäen Kova-Väki) 21 points / 18 seconds
8. Eero Hakanen (Rasti-Jyry) 21 points / 27 seconds
9. Juha Villikka (Koo-Vee) 21 points / 153 seconds
10. Martti Inkinen (Rajamäen Rykmentti) 20 points / 19 seconds

Complete results, solutions, puncher legends and maps, both from Elite and Elite-B classes, available at

Joaquim Margarido

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