Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hong Kong TrailO Championships 2016 (PreO): Chui Tsz Ho reached the gold

Chui Tsz Ho reached the title of 2016 Hong Kong PreO Champion. In the clash that gathered 25 competitors in the Elite Class, he was the fastest in the timed controls that eventually decided the winner.

With the Chinese New Year approaching, the Orienteering Association of Hong Kong organized last Sunday the 2016 National TrailO Championships (PreO). Held in Lung Fu Shan, a popular hicking and picnic spot of the “most thrilling city on the planet”, the event was attended by 62 athletes overall, competing in the Elite, Advanced Open, Advanced Youth, Beginners Open and Family classes. Set by Raphael Mak and Yu Tsz Ying, the course extended by 1550 meters over two maps, offering 17 tasks in the Elite class and a “bonus” of four extra tasks in the timed station.

In a well-balanced race, the competitors were able to test their skills, revealing a high rate of correct answers. With the incertitude about the winner keeping up along the course, the maximum of emotion was reached in the two last controls, first with a tricky reentrant to put a lot of difficulties on most of the competitors and to throw Chun Ho Ho detached in the lead, and then, in the very last control, with the same Chun Ho Ho “slippering” in the stairs and failing where very few have failed. In the end of the course, the results showed five competitors tied with 16 out of 17 points and the timed station was really decisive to find the winner. Chui Tsz Ho was the fastest with 19 seconds, reaching the gold. With more 9 seconds than the winner, Tsang Michael Chun Chi reached the second place and Hui Yau Chiu was third ranked, with 40 seconds. Missing one task in the timed station, Chun Ho Ho also missed a place in the podium, finishing in the 5th place with 95 seconds.

For the Portuguese Orienteering Blog, the National Controller, Solomon Luk, left some words: “To control this event was really inspiring. I'm very happy to see many new stars raising up and the way TrailO is developing in Hong Kong”. He also mention the excellent work of Yu Tsz Ying, co-course setter along with Raphael Mak: “She was inspired by the typical scenery and historical buildings in the fortress during her trainings at Lung Fu Shan [Yu Tsz Ying was the representative of Hong Kong in the World Orienteering Championships from 2012 to 2015]. She recommended to the organization committee to hold the Championships here and a small dream came true, turning into a success her debut in the TrailO organization”, he said. Raphael Mak, Mapper and Event Director, was also very satisfied with the event: “I learnt a lot from organising my first TrailO event. The considerations are very different from FootO and a lot of mistakes were made, but the satisfaction is overwhelmingly great. I hope I will have the chance to organise more TrailO events in the future”, he concludes.


1. Chui Tsz Ho 16 points / 19 seconds
2. Tsang Michael Chun Chi 16 points / 28 seconds
3. Hui Yau Chiu 16 points / 40 seconds
4. Wong Chi Yen 16 points / 49 seconds
5. Chun Ho Ho 16 points / 95 seconds
6. Ng Kok Hei 15 points / 43 seconds
7. Kwong Kwok Wah 15 points / 48 seconds
8. Ho Hing Ling 15 points / 227 seconds
9. Liang Chi Hang 14 points / 27 seconds
10. Kwong Man Fai Timothy 14 points / 29 seconds

Find HERE the complete results, maps, solutions and further information.

Photo courtesy of Wai Kit Choi.

[The Portuguese Orienteering Blog appreciate the efforts of Solomon Luk and Chun Ho Ho in sharing such useful information]

Joaquim Margarido

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