Tuesday, February 07, 2017

ESOC 2017: Step by step

The European Ski Orienteering Championships 2017 starts today, with the first medals fought for in the Sprint in Imatra – a small town on Southeast Finland, close to the Russian border. Tomorrow morning it will be time for the Sprint Relay and thursday will be the Long Distance day. After a rest day on Friday, the Championships will end with the Middle Distance on Saturday and the Relay on Sunday. In parallel to the ESOC, Imatra it's going to be the stage of Junior World Ski Orienteering Championships, European Youth Ski Orienteering Championships and World Masters Ski orienteering Championships.

Detailded program

All times are given in local time (UTC+2)

Monday 6.2.2017
10.00-15.00 ESOC, model event
12.00-20.00 Event Office open
15.00 Entry deadline of the Sprint (ESOC)
17.00 Imatra municipality reception for team officials
18.00 Team Officials’ Meeting

Tuesday 7.2.2017
9.00-15.00 Arena Info open
10.00-15.00 EYSOC & JWSOC, model event
11.00-13.00 ESOC, Sprint
15.00 Entry deadline of the Sprint (EYSOC, JWSOC) and Sprint Relay (ESOC)
15.00-20.00 Event Office open
17.00-18.00 Opening ceremony at the stadium
18:30 Team Officials’ Meeting
Wednesday 8.2.2017
9.30 JWSOC, Sprint
9.00-15.00 Arena Info open
10.30 EYSOC, Sprint
12.30 ESOC, Sprint Relay
10.00-15.00 WMSOC, model event
15.00 Entry deadline of the long distance (ESOC, EYSOC, JWSOC)
15.00-20.00 Event Office open
18.00 Team Officials’ meeting

Thursday 9.2.2017
7.00-15.00 Arena Info open
7.00-17.00 Non-stop bus, Imatran Kylpylä Spa – Competition Center (Icehall/Jäähalli)
7.30-15.00 Non-stop bus, Competition Center (Icefall/Jäähalli) – Start
9.30 ESOC, men, long distance (mass start)
9.35 ESOC, women, long (mass start)
9.50 EYSOC, boys, long (mass start)
9.50 JWSOC, boys, long (mass start)
9.55 EYSOC, girls, long (mass start)
9.55 JWSOC, girls, long (mass start)
12.00-15.00 WMSOC, long
18.00 – Dance night, Imatran Kylpylä Spa

Friday 10.2.2017 (day off)
10.00-15.00 Event Office open
10.00-13.00 Open training in the Long distance terrain
13.30 & 14.30 Turist tour of the Castle Valtionhotelli. Lunch & tour 21 €.
15.00 Entry deadline of the Middle distance (ESOC; JWSOC, EYSOC)
18.00 Team officials’ meeting

Saturday 11.2.2017
7.00-17.00 Non-stop bus, Competition Center – Event Office (Imatran Kylpylä Spa)
8.00-15.00 Arena Info open
9.30 EYSOC & JWSOC, Middle Distance
11.00 ESOC, Middle Distance
12.00 WMSOC, Middle Distance 1
15.00 Entry deadline of the Relay (ESOC, EYSOC, JWSOC)
15.00-18.00 Event Office open
18.00 Team officials’ meeting

Sunday 12.2.2017
7.00-17.00 Non-stop bus, Competition Center – Event Center (Imatran Kylpylä Spa)
8.00-16.00 Arena Info open
9.30 WMSOC, Middle Distance 2
12.00 ESOC, women, Relay
12.10 JWSOC & EYSOC, women, Relay
13.40 ESOC, men, Relay
13.50 JWSOC & EYSOC, men, Relay
19.00 Banquet, Imatran Kylpylä Spa


The names of the competitors in ESOC, JWSOC, EYSOC and WMSOC can be found by clicking on each competition.

Terrain and old maps

The competition area offers different elements for a challenging ski-orienteering competition. Though the height difference between lowest and highest point is only 30 m, in many parts, the slopes are steep and frequently appearing.

The most southern part of the terrain consists of pine and spruce forest areas without any natural skiing tracks. In some areas, there are lot of contour forms and steep slopes. In many parts the visibility is good. In the middle part of the competition area, there is a golf course with open and semi open areas. West to the golf course there is a pine forest area with moderate height differences and with some wide cross-country skiing tracks. Near the arena, there is a dense network of international level cross-country and biathlon tracks, with moderate height differences and steep slopes. In that area, there are some roads and villas as well. 

IOF Ski Orienteering World Ranking


For further information, please visit the Event's webpage at http://skiofinland.fi/en/.

Joaquim Margarido

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