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Esposende City Race 2017: Victories for Maikel Rodriguez and Raquel Ferreira

Esposende hosted the first stage of the Portugal City Race 2017. Like in 2016, Maikel Rodriguez start with the right foot, winning the Men Senior class. The winner of the Women Senior class was Raquel Ferreira. At the same time, the 2017 Portuguese Adapted Orienteering League had its kick off, with victories of Domingos Oliveira and Liliana Silva.

Beautiful city by the sea, Esposende was the chosen venue for the 1st stage of the Portugal City Race 2017. Organized by the Amigos da Montanha Association, the event gathered nearly 300 participants, many of them youngster from the school sports or simply curious, trying here the sport for the very first time. In parallel, took place the 1st stage of the 2017 Portuguese Adapted Orienteering League, which was attended by 25 paralympic athletes.

In the Men Senior class, the victory smiled to the 2016 Portugal City Race's overall winner, the Spanish Maikel Rodriguez (Budiñoraid), with a time of 38:21. Nearly four minutes after the winner, another Spanish, Ángel Soto (Aromon), finished his race the second position, while the third place went to Luis Castro (AD Cabroelo), with a time of 45:08. In the Women Senior class, Joana Fernandes (.COM) wasn't able to repeat the victory of the last season, finishing second. The winner was Raquel Ferreira (Individual) with the time of 39:26 and an advantage of 1:19 over Fernandes. The third place fell to Daniela Alves (AD Cabroelo), with a two-minute difference to the winner. In the AdaptO race, Domingos Oliveira (Clube Gaia), the winner of 2016 Ranking, reached a comfortable triumph in the Men class, while Liliana Silva (Clube Gaia) took a sensational victory over the super-favourite Raquel Cerqueira in the Women class.

The Portugal City Race is back this year with another breath, divided for thirteen cities. Braga, Vila do Conde, Leiria, Águeda, Figueira da Foz, Porto and Aveiro welcome again the participants in the circuit, Penafiel Returns after a one-year break and the cities of Esposende, Santo Tirso, Vila Real, Tondela and Sesimbra join the event for the first time. Inspired by the City Race Euro Tour, the Portugal City Race bases its philosophy on Foot orienteering events in an urban environment and with courses designed for times of winners matching with the rules of the Portuguese Orienteering Federation for the Middle and Long Distance. The courses are suitable for all ages, can be made individually or in groups, and for the less competitive or those who are taking the first steps in Orienteering, the organization promotes a tourist course, putting on the map the major attractions of each cities where the event is performed. Braga will hosted the second stage of the Portugal City Race on 26th March.


Men Senior
1. Maikel Rodriguez (Budiñoraid) 38:21 (+ 00:00)
2. Ángel Soto (Aromon) 42:13 (+ 03:52)
3. Luis Castro (AD Cabroelo) 45:08 (+ 06:47)
4. Daniel Ferreira (AD Cabroelo) 45:54 (+ 07:33)
5. Antonio Dominguez (Aromon) 47:02 (+ 08:41)

Women Senior
1. Raquel Ferreira (Individual) 39:26 (+ 00:00)
2. Joana Fernandes (.COM) 40:45 (+ 01:19)
3. Daniela Alves (AD Cabroelo) 41:27 (+ 02:01)
4. Daniela Macedo (Individual) 42:32 (+ 03:06)
5. Helena Miranda (GD4C) 45:23 (+ 05:57)

Adapted Orienteering

1. Domingos Oliveira (Clube Gaia) 10 points / 13:28
2. João Encarnação (Clube Gaia) 10 points / 16:16
3. Hugo Mourão (Cercivar) 10 points / 16:21
4. José Ricardo Silva (Cercivar) 10 points / 17:36
5. Vitor Pereira (Cercivar) 10 points / 39:59

1. Liliana Silva (Clube Gaia) 10 points / 15:44
2. Raquel Cerqueira (Clube Gaia) 10 points / 15:48
3. Maria Lurdes Amador (Cercivar) 10 points / 17:02
4. Tânia Valente (Cercivar) 10 points / 21:30
5. Cristina Soares (Clube Gaia) 10 points / 25:58

Complete results and further information can be seen at the event's webpage [HERE]

[Photo: Orientação Amigos da Montanha /]

Joaquim Margarido

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