Sunday, February 12, 2017

EYSOC 2017: European Relay titles for Finland in both classes

Finland achieved the European Youth Ski Orienteering titles of Relay, both in Men 17 and Women 17 classes. This was the perfect ending to a handful of young athletes who will inherit soon the legacy of such important names as Matti Keskinarkaus, Anssi Juutilainen, Olli-Markus Taivanen, Staffan Tunis, Liisa Anttila, Virpi Juutilainen, Hannele Tonna and many others.

With a strong start in the first leg of the Relay that filled the European Youth Ski Orienteering Championships 2017's last day, Vaino Kotro, current European Champion of Long and Middle Distance, reached a 1:30 lead on Evgenii Generalov, setting the mood for a comfortable winning of Finland in the Men 17 class. Matias Maijala and Eerik Nurminen confirmed the Finn's superiority, finishing with the overall time of 1:10:39. Russia reached the second position, 4:34 after Finland. The bronze medal was achieved by the Czech team, with the time of 1:15:48.

In the Women 17 class, things went quite differently, with Venla Taulavuori finishing the first leg in the third place, 1:24 behind the leader, the Swedish Elin Schagerstrom. In the second leg, however, Maria Hoskari's performance allowed Finland to reach the first place, with Siiri Saalo and the Russian Veronika Kalinina separated by three seconds at the start for the decisive leg. But this wasn't Kalinina's day and Saalo's biggest opponent would be the Swiss Lea Widmer, after a great race which allowed her to beaten Kalinina. Finland finished with the overall time of 1:18:37, Switzerland was second just 28 seconds after Finland and Russia reached the gold with the time of 1:20:10.

With five gold medals, two silver and two bronze, Finland was the great dominant of the European Youth Ski Orienteering Championships 2017, followed by Russia, with two gold medals, four silver and three bronze. Switzerland, with one gold, one silver and one bronze, the Czech Republic, with one silver and one bronze and Swedem with one bronze, completed the EYSOC 2017's Board of Honour.


Men 17

1. Finland (Vaino Kotro, Matias Maijala, Eerik Nurminen) 1:10:39 (+ 00:00)
2. Russia (Evgenii Generalov, Danila Bykov, German Sazykin) 1:15:13 (+ 04:34)
3. Czech Republic (Ondrej Hasman, Josef Nagy, Jan Hasek) 1:15:48 (+ 05:09)
4. Estonia (Sander Pritsik, Ragnar Rooba, Kaarel Vesilind) 1:17:59 (+ 07:20)
5. Latvia (Jekabs Putnins, Rudolfs Matiss Vimba, Pauls Alberings) 1:19:46 (+ 09:07)
6. Sweden (Gabriel Larsson, Jonathan Stahl, Rikard Bergstrom) 1:23:12 (+ 12:33)

Women 17

1. Finland (Venla Taulavuori, Maria Hoskari, Siiri Saalo) 1:18:37 (+ 00:00)
2. Switzerland (Eliane Deininger, Delia Giezendanner, Lea Widmer) 1:19:05 (+ 00:28)
3. Russia (Olesia Riazanova, Polina Nikanorova, Veronika Kalinina) 1:20:10 (+ 01:33)
4. Sweden (Elin Schagerstrom, Emelie Brudin, Julia Wanner) 1:26:42 (+ 08:05)
5. Latvia (Arta Renate Rulle, Anna Emilija Suta, Elizabete Locmele) 1:27:49 (+ 09:12)
6. Czech Republic (Anezka Hlavacova, Rozalie Kucharova, Regina Tokarova) 1:33:38 (+ 15:01)

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