Thursday, February 09, 2017

JWSOC & EYSOC 2017: Kiselev's second win

The younger categories put the skis for the second day of the Junior World Ski Orienteering Championships and the European Youth Ski Orienteering Championships 2017. Russia was almost unstoppable, reaching three out of four titles at the Long Distance Mass Start that filled today's program. The fourth gold medal was vibrantly celebrated by the home team.

In the Men 20 class, the Russian Vladislav Kiselev was the big winner of the Long Distance Mass Start with the time of 1:12:58. It was Kiselev's fifth individual gold medal in the Junior World Ski Orienteering Championships, after three wins in the Sprint (2015, 2016 and yesterday) and the second victory in a row in the Long Distance. The two other medals went also to Russia, with Aleksandr Pavlenko and Vadim Ogorodnikov being respectively second and third placed. The Russian national anthem sounded again in the Arena, thanks to Aleksandra Rusakova's victory in the Women 20 class. She was 26 seconds faster than Liisa Nenonen, Finland, finishing her course in 1:08:09. Tuuli Suutari reached the bronze medal with the time of 1:09:28.

The Russian power extended to the European Youth Ski Orienteering Championship, where Veronika Kalinina achieved a comfortable triumph in the Women 17 class, finishing her course with the time of 1:00:08. The Finn Siiri Saalo was second, 3:22 after Kalinina. The third place went to another Russian athlete, Olesia Riazanova. Vaino Kotro, Finland, was a real outsider, stealing Russia the possibility of winning all medals today. He reached the gold in the Men 17 class, with a seven-second advantage over German Sazykin and fifteen-second advantage over Danila Bykov, both from... Russia!


Long Distance Mass Start

Men 20
1. Vladislav Kiselev (Russia) 1:12:58 (+ 00:00)
2. Aleksandr Pavlenko (Russia) 1:15:55 (+ 02:57)
3. Vadim Ogorodnikov (Russia) 1:16:57 (+ 03:59)

Women 20
1. Aleksandra Rusakova (Russia) 1:08:09 (+ 00:00)
2. Liisa Nenonen (Finland) 1:08:45 (+ 00:26)
3. Tuuli Suutari (Finland) 1:09:28 (+ 01:09)

Long Distance Mass Start

Men 17
1. Vaino Kotro (Finland) 1:02:40 (+ 00:00)
2. German Sazykin (Russia) 1:02:47 (+ 00:07)
Danila Bykov (Russia) 1:02:55 (+ 00:15)

Women 17
1. Veronika Kalinina (Russia) 1:00:08 (+ 00:00)
2. Siiri Saalo (Finland) 1:03:30 (+ 03:22)
3. Olesia Riazanova (Russia) 1:03:56 (+ 03:48)

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[Photos: Malin Fuhr / IOF /]

Joaquim Margarido

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