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LOM 2017: Rudnaya stood out in Lorca

Faster than their opponents in the Sprint WRE stage, Anastasia Rudnaya and Florian Howald were the first winners of Lorca O' Meeting 2017. Rudnaya also won the Long Distance, together with Magne Dæhli, while Pascal Buchs and Sabine Hauswirth achieved tasty victories in the Night Middle Distance.

Took place last weekend the 4th edition of Lorca O' Meeting 2017, event that gathered in the historical center of the city of Lorca and the neighboring place of La Almudena nearly 600 athletes from 20 countries. From the list of participants, a special word for the excellent start field, which included the Russians Natalia Gemperle, Svetlana Mironova and Anastasia Rudnaya, the Swiss Florian Howald and Sabine Hauswirth, the Belarussian Anastasia Denisova, the Swedish Johan Runesson and the Norwegian Magne Dæhli, all outstanding names of the sport, with a place in the top 20 of the IOF Orienteering World Ranking and/or the IOF Sprint Orienteering World Ranking. The event opened with a Sprint stage, scoring for the respective IOF World Ranking, followed by a Middle Distance stage in the evening of the first day. The second day was fully dedicated to the Mass Start Long Distance stage.

Introduced by the thirteen times World Champion Thierry Guergiou, France, as “a challenge, one of the great events of the season”, the Sprint WRE toured the main streets and monuments of Lorca's historical center, through a labyrinthine network of narrow streets. Florian Howald (Tampereen Pyrinto) and Anastasia Rudnaya (MS Parma) were the most accurate in the map reading and also the fastest, achieving tough victories over respectively Antonio Martinez (Colivenc) and Sabine Hauswirth (OL Norska). Hauswirth and Rudnaya fight another battle for the victory in the Night Middle Distance, this time with the advantage falling to the Swiss side by 9 seconds. The difference between the two top contenders in the Men Elite class was even tighter, with Pascal Buchs (Tampereen Pyrinto) reaching a six-second victory over his team mate Johan Runesson. The Lorca O' Meeting 2017 ended up with the Mass Start Long Distance stage, in the very detailed map of La Almudena and, like in the first stage, Anastasia Rudnaya reached the first place, nearly one-minute faster than Sabine Hauswirth. Despite some mistakes, Magne Dæhli was able to reach the first place in the Men Elite class, finishing with a good advantage of 1:17 over Antonio Martinez, second placed.



Men Elite
1. Florian Howald (Tampereen Pyrinto) 15:33 (+ 00:00)
2. Antonio Martinez (Colivenc) 15:35 (+ 00:02)
3. Eduardo Gil (Tjalve) 15:54 (+ 00:21)
4. Ivan Sirakov (Variant 5 Targovi) 16:36 (+ 01:03)
5. Artem Popov MS Parma) 16:47 (+ 01:14)

Women Elite
1. Anastasia Rudnaya (MS Parma) 15:42 (+ 00:00)
2. Sabine Hauswirth (OL Norska) 15:55 (+ 00:13)
3. Svetlana Mironova (Koovee) 16:33 (+ 00:51)
4. Tatiana Bevza (NordWest) 16:45 (+ 01:03)
5. Anastasia Denisova (Savedalens AIK) 16:47 (+ 01:05)

Night Middle Distance

Men Elite
1. Pascal Buchs (Tampereen Pyrinto) 24:39 (+ 00:00)
2. Johan Runesson (Tampereen Pyrinto) 24:45 (+ 00:06)
3. Florian Howald (Tampereen Pyrinto) 24:52 (+ 00:13)
4. Antonio Martinez (Colivenc) 25:13 (+ 00:34)
5. Algirdas Bartkevicius (SM Gaja) 25:40 (+ 01:01)

Women Elite
1. Sabine Hauswirth (OL Norska) 27:18 (+ 00:00)
2. Anastasia Rudnaya (MS Parma) 27:27 (+ 00:09)
3. Anastasia Denisova (Savedalens AIK) 27:59 (+ 00:41)
4. Mariia Makarova (MO Yakhroma) 31:48 (+ 04:30)
5. Salla Laitinen (Espoon Akilles) 33:42 (+ 06:24)

Mass Start Long Distance

Men Elite
1. Magne Dæhli (Halden SK) 1:12:50 (+ 00:00)
2. Antonio Martinez (Colivenc) 1:14:07 (+ 01:17)
3. Nikita Asoyan (Dyusash Spring) 1:14:10 (+ 01:20)
4. Florian Howald (Tampereen Pyrinto) 1:14:18 (+ 01:28)
5. Roger Casal (Colivenc) 1:17:34 (+ 04:44)

Women Elite
1. Anastasia Rudnaya (MS Parma) 1:04:57 (+ 00:00)
2. Sabine Hauswirth (OL Norska) 1:05:47 (+ 00:50)
3. Svetlana Mironova (Koovee) 1:06:01 (+ 01:04)
4. Natalia Gemperle (Alfta Osa OK) 1:08:49 (+ 03:52)
5. Josefine Heikka (Alfta Osa OK) 1:09:13 (+ 04:16)

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