Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Orienteering in Brazil: Latest news

1. Brazilian Orienteering Confederation (CBO), Parana Orienteering Federation and Gralha Azul Orienteering Club organized last weekend in Lapa, Paraná (Brazil), the 1st South Cup in Orienteering, which was attended by nearly 300 athletes. Winning the Long Distance stage and being 3rd in the Middle Distance, Everton Daniel Markus (COSM) was a major contender in the Men Elite class, followed by Marciano Kaminski and Claudinei Nitsch, both from CASUSA. In the Women Elite, Franciely Chiles (COSM) won both stages and was the featured figure, with her teammate Camila Cortinhas and Raquel Arendt (IDESP) ranked second and third. The event also included a Sprint race that had in João Pedro Jaber (ADAAN) and Franciely Chiles the big winners in the Elite category. Complete results and further information at

2. “When we better know ourselves, we're able to do things better!” By seeking to scrutinize their current situation and, based on the established results, define future strategies, CBO's board met their “real” affiliates. The way was to remove from the registry those whose link to CBO was “dormant” for three years or more, reaching the number of 4,655. With 740 members, the Orienteering Federation of Rio de Janeiro is the most represented Federation, while among the clubs, the Orienteering Club of Curitiba is the most represented in the CBO, with 292 members. “We understand that the CBO board should have a clear and honest view on the current situation, without manipulating numbers”, can be read at, thus justifying the fact that about 12,000 entries were removed from the records. Based on the current numbers, a Working Group addresses now to the preparation of a Strategic Plan, which will be presented during the next General Assembly, on 18th March. Potential affiliates, internal processes, reactions of members about what is being done, technology linked to Orienteering, integration with other sports and nature are, among others, just some of the next challenges.

3. Regarding the ongoing reorganization of Orienteering in Brazil, the approximation of the IOF to the CBO with the aim to develop Orienteering in South America, the need to regulate the pattern of National competitions, the geographical dimension of Brazil and the inherent financial and logistical difficulties, Paraná Orienteering Federation presented, last December, a proposal to change the format of CamBOr, the Brazilian Orienteering Championships. It's intended that CamBOr would be contested in an unique annual event, similar to the IOF's main events, that is, having a Model Event, a Sprint stage, a Middle Distance stage and a Long Distance stage in its program. The event would integrate three parallel competitions: The Brazilian Orienteering Championships Elite, the Brazilian Orienteering Championships Master and the Brazilian Orienteering Championships Junior. The proposal was submitted to the Presidents of the Federations and gathered 11 votes in favor and 0 votes against, so it was approved the change in the organization of CamBOr, which will be carried out in a single event from 2019. The full story can be read at

4. It's Summer time in Brazil and, with Orienteering activities reduced to a minimum, PrisMagazine decided to do a retrospective of 2016 in its first edition of the new year. The President of Brazilian Orienteering Confederation, Luiz Sérgio Mendes, signs the usual column “Word of the President”, exposing the CBO's expectations for 2017 and bringing some news. Also the Technical Director of CBO, Gilson Schropfer, writes about the main changes in the General Rules of Foot Orienteering that the Confederation will put into practice from now on. The Magazine's “core” recovers the main activities of the Brazilian Federations during the year 2016 and shows, in the “PrisMagazine Gallery”, some of the most beautiful images captured by the collaborators' lenses at Orienteering events throughout the year. Finally, the 2017 Calendar is presented, with the events that will take place next February. The PrisMagazine is available (in Portuguese) at

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