Sunday, February 26, 2017

POM 2017: Heikoop, Valente and Guedes da Silva won PreO stage

The beautiful historical spaces of Coudelaria de Alter hosted the PreO competition of the Portugal O' Meeting 2017. After twenty three funny and challenging controls, Mark Heikoop and João Pedro Valente were the big winners in the Open class with the same score. Alexandre Guedes da Silva was the fastest and more accurate in the Paralympic class.

The usual PreO competition of the Portugal O' Meeting took place today, with a 23-task course at Coudelaria de Alter. 115 competitors in the Open class and 11 in the Paralympic class faced a great course, both challenging and pleasant, with a three-task timed station in the pre-start. With two controls voided, four competitors in the Open class were able to solve successfully all the tasks, with the Dutch Mark Heikoop (Aligots) and the Portuguese João Pedro Valente (CPOC) being the fastest in the timed station with the same score, thus achieving a tasty victory. Faster than Heikoop and Valente (CPOC) in the timed controls, but with a 60-second penalty following a wrong answer, Peter Huzan (TVOC) was the third placed and the young Jorge Valente (CPOC), João Pedro Valente's son, got the fourth place.

In the Paralympic class, Alexandre Guedes da Silva (Individual POR) achieved the triumph with 20 points and a comfortable two-point lead over Ricardo Pinto (DAHP), second placed. Miguel Angel Garcia (ADOL) finished in the third position with 17 points. Just two curiosities: The 126 participants in the PreO stage is the biggest number ever registered in a TrailO competition in Portugal; and, Mark Heikoop achieved his second victory in the Portugal O' Meeting, four years after his triumph in Idanha-a-Nova. 


Open Class
1. Mark Heikoop (Aligots) 21 points / 48 seconds
1. João Pedro Valente (CPOC) 21 points / 48 seconds
3. Peter Huzan (TVOC) 21 points / 111 seconds
4. Jorge Valente (CPOC) 21 points / 146 seconds
5. Zoltan Mihaczi (Tipo Orienteering) 20 points / 16 seconds
6. Nuno Rebelo (Ori-Estarreja) 20 points / 18 seconds

Paralympic Class
1. Alexandre Guedes da Silva (Individual POR) 20 points / 87 seconds
2. Ricardo Pinto (DAHP) 18 points / 98 seconds
3. Miguel Angel Garcia (ADOL) 17 points / 107 seconds
4. Carlos Riu (COMA) 16 points / 109 seconds
5. Julio Guerra (DAHP) 13 points / 99 seconds
6. José Laiginha Leal (DAHP) 13 points / 180 second

Complete results at the POM 2017's webpage or here [Open class and Paralympic class

Joaquim Margarido

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