Sunday, February 05, 2017

Sonia Mabel Caminos: From Argentina to Argentina with a stop at WOC

Sonia Mabel Caminos (Argentina) was one of the participants at the WOC Clinic 2016. She travelled to Strömstad, Sweden, with little experience from major events, to represent her country on the big orienteering stage. Today Sonia is trying to improve the events in her country, and trying to set the pace in Argentina.

Was the WOC Clinic as you expected?

– Yes, it was a wonderful experience. Having the opportunity to spend the days with training and sport, with athletes and coaches from other countries was spectacular. It was very interesting to listen to professional sportsmen and I appreciate their willingness to share knowledge and experiences. We also had the opportunity to try new discipline and formats, TrailO and maze orienteering for example.

How was your experience of the atmosphere at WOC?

– In our group, we had a warm and friendly family atmosphere. Our coaches did a great job helping us in the stressful moments around the WOC races. It was a big pressure for all of us competing as such high level.

How has the WOC Clinic affected your way of thinking regarding orienteering, organisation and competition?

– The WOC Clinic was a turning point in my life. Being able to see orienteering at a high level and a professional organisation such as the WOC organising committee has inspired me to develop orienteering in my country. I am really motivated to work to improve the conditions for orienteering here.

How do you want to contribute to the development of orienteering in Argentina?

– The Argentinian Orienteering Federation has been working very well with the development of orienteering during the past years. But it is not easy in a country where everyone is focusing on football. I will try to help and I am available for promotion work with orienteering in different arenas. I will also continue to compete and do some coaching work as well.

Do you want to participate in more development clinics in the future?

– I hope that I and other orienteering friends in Argentina will have the great opportunity to take part in development clinics. I will inspire everyone to take the chance to get to know the sport better and find inspiration in other more developed orienteering countries. To be able to develop the orienteering in Argentina we need more international experiences.

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