Friday, February 10, 2017

Two or three things I know about it...

1. Less than 24 hours to the entries' deadline for the Portugal O' Meeting 2017, there are already more than 2,000 athletes looking forward to Alter do Chão, Crato and Portalegre where, from 25th to 28th February, will take place the 22nd edition of the most important FootO competition of the Winter calendar worldwide. Thierry Gueorgiou, Gustav Bergman, Magne Dæhli, Baptiste Rollier, Lauri Sild, Oleksandr Kratov, Gernot Kerschbaumer, Andreu Blanes, Frederic Tranchand, Olav Lundanes, Milos Nykodym, LucasBasset or Johan Runesson , are just some of the two hundred competitors in the Men Elite class. In the list of more than 100 competitors in the Women Elite class it's possible to see names such as Ursula Kadan, Anna Serralonga, Eva Jurenikova, Hollie Orr, Lizzie Ingham, Nadiya Volynska, Helena Jansson, Catherine Taylor or Simone Niggli. Joining the huge demand for the Portuguese competition, also the TrailO lovers make a point of attending the event. Guntars Mankus, Santiago Martin, Koji Chino, Mark Heikoop, Jorge Valente, Remo Madella, Zoltan Mihaczi, Bartlomiej Mazan, Gintaras Mikolavicius, Peter Huzan, António Hernandez and the Portuguese Inês Domingues, Luis Gonçalves, Cláudio Tereso, João Pedro Valente, Edgar Domingues, Jorge Baltazar and Ricardo Pinto are the heads of a list which includes 124 entries so far, the highest number ever registered in Portugal in a TrailO event. Everything to follow at

2. For those interested in Orienteering and its historical aspects, Halden SK has published an interesting book describing the club's maps drawing from 1928 to 2016. Here you can read about how Edgar G. Andersen and Kåre Varting signed the first Orienteering maps to the club before the Second World War, their followers Remne Vandet, Steffen Steffensen and Roar Andersen, the maps signed by Fritz Kohn, Larry Erntzen and Hans Kohn for the National Championships, the Bard E. Andersen's work as one of the creators of the modern Orienteering in Norway and the introduction of computer technology, OCAD and Laser Data - a revolution in the manufacture of orientation map! Finally, the book looks on the good and large map production in recent years with the use of skilled foreign mapmakers such as the Portuguese Tiago Martins Aires and Raquel Costa, who signed the maps of Strupeskogen, Venåsmarka, Høiås nord. To work can be seen at

3. International Orienteering Federation and International School Sport Federation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to to cooperate with each other for the benefit of youth sport in general and more specifically for the continued growth of youth orienteering. The agreement between both institutions focuses the attention on two main aspects: firstly, on the relevance of the educational element of youth sport. Secondly, on the importance of the cooperation between the two federations in terms of harmonisation of the international calendar and organisation of events. In this respect, the first occasion that will see the fruits of this new cooperation will certainly be the Orienteering World School Championship taking place in Palermo, Italy, on 22-28 April, 2017. IOF and ISF will cooperate and coordinate the way school orienteering events shall be structured and organised. ISF showed great interest in the innovation and success of World Orienteering Day (WOD) in 2016. The coming years ISF will cooperate with the goal of attaining a significant global WOD participation in schools. The original article can be seen at

4. FinTrailO 2017's Bulletin 1 [HERE] has just been published. The event will take place in Espoo, from 29th to 30th April, and will be organised by the orienteering club OK 77. The first day's program includes the TempO competition and the PreO competition's first part. The PreO's second part wil take place on Sunday. There will be a national trail orienteering competition on Monday 1st May in Klaukkala, some 30 km from Espoo. Organiser is Rajamäen Rykmentti. PreO competitions are organised in two different kinds of terrains. PreO 1 will be held in normal Southern Finnish forest terrain with some open areas with very good visibility. PreO 2 is held in detailed terrain with cliffs and many contours. The road surface is on both days very good for wheelchairs. In steep hills there will be extra assistance. TempO terrain is a mix of urban, park and forest terrains with good visibility and good surface for wheelchairs. Athletes from the Czech Republic, Poland, Great Britain, Slovakia and Italy have entered the event so far. You can find all information at

Joaquim Margarido

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