Saturday, March 04, 2017

ABOM 2017: Blanes and Nikitina won the Sprint WRE

A lightning crossed Aguiar da Beira this afternoon. Andreu Blanes performed superlatively, winning the Sprint WRE stage of Aguiar da Beira O 'Meeting 2017 with an amazing time. As for the women, the winner was Ekaterina Nikitina with a comfortable thirty-second advantage.

Aguiar da Beira O' Meeting 2017' continued this afternoon with the Sprint WRE stage held in Aguiar da Beira's historical centre. Narrow streets, uneven stairs, interesting options and lots of fun were the ingredients of another high-quality race, blessed by a beautiful sun. Although not doing a clean race, Ekaterina Nikitina (Rehns BK) was the big winner in the Women Elite class, with the time of 14:20 for 3.1 km of her race. The second placed was Fanni Gyurko (Kalevan RTasti) with 29 seconds more than Nikitina, while Mariana Moreira (CPOC) got the third position, 1:19 seconds after the winner.

Keeping a strong pace from the start, Andreu Blanes (Colivenc) won the Men Elite class, completing the 4.2 km of his race with the time of 15:17. Blanes was the only athlete to break the sixteen-minute barrier, getting the first place on the podium for the second time in a Sprint scoring for the IOF World Sprint Orienteering Ranking here, in Aguiar da Beira, after being the fastest in the Mediterranean Championships in Orienteering, three years ago. The fight for the immediate places was titanic, with Eduardo Gil (Tjalve) doing a terrific race and achieving the second position with the time of 16:11. Albin Ridefelt (OK Linné) reached the third position with a fifty-five-second disadvantage to the winner, thus repeating his result of the morning stage.


Men Elite
1. Andreu Blanes (Colivenc) 15:17 (+ 00:00)
2. Eduardo Gil (Tjalve) 16:11 (+ 00:54)
3. Albin Ridefelt (OK Linné) 16:12 (+ 00:55)
4. Kenny Kivikas (Koovee) 16:16 (+ 00:59)
5. Henry McNulty (NTNUI) 16:18 (+ 01:01)

Women Elite
1. Ekaterina Nikitina (Rehns BK) 14:20 (+ 00:00)
2. Fanni Gyurko (Kalevan Rasti) 14:49 (+ 00:29)
3. Mariana Moreira (CPOC) 15:39 (+ 01:19)
4. Heini Saarimäki (Angelniemen Ankkuri) 15:44 (+ 01:24)
5. Carolina Delgado (GD4C) 15:49 (+ 01:29)

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