Thursday, March 02, 2017

Italian Cup in TrailO: Tenani and Bortolami won first stage

The Italian Cup in Trail Orienteering started in Sala Baganza with winnings of Alessio Tenani and Fabio Bortolami, respectively in the Elite Open and Elite Paralympic classes. Francesca De Nardis and Leopoldo Vighini got the regional titles.

Even more beautiful due to a splendorous sun, Carrega Forest, at Emilia Romagna region, hosted last Sunday the first stage of Italian Cup in Trail Orienteering. Organised by Eridano Adventura club, the event was attended by 50 competitors, 28 in the Elite (Open and Paralympic) and 22 in the Open A class. Following a FootO competition held in the same map, the courses were planned by Susy De Pieri, offering 20 tasks to the Elite class and 13 tasks to the Open A class, both in forest and open areas.

In the Elite Open class, two of the best Italian Trail orienteers currently, Alessio Tenani (OK Pan Kristianstad) and Renato Bettin (Orienteering Swallows Noale A.S.D.), fight hardly for the victory, finishing both with 17 points. Faster and more accurate in the three timed controls, Tenani was the winner with 18 seconds, against 89 seconds of Bettin. Tenani's words in the end revealed satisfaction: “It was a competition everything but trivial, with controls set 'by the book'. I want to congratulate the organisers because they demonstrated that, with passion and competency, it's possible to join FootO and TailO competitions, keeping high quality standards”. One point less than the winner, the very young Francesca De Nardis (Polisportiva “G. Masi”) finished third and achieved the regional title in this class.

In the Elite Paralympic class, Fabio Bortolami (A.S.D. Padova Orienteering) beat the “newcomer” Leopoldo Vighini (A.S.D. Atletica Interflumina), also in the timed controls, after a draw at 13 points. The regional title in this class went to Vighini. In the Open A class, three competitors finished with 8 points, Martina Paone (Polisportiva “G. Masi”) being the winner thanks to a better performance in the timed controls. The last words go to Susy De Pieri, assessing the event: “It wasn't easy to set the course and I was a little nervous since I've no longer planned a competition for three years. There was some 'borderline' tasks, as we can see for the results, but I think the expertise stood out. The competitors' feedback about my course planning makes me happy. I’m also happy for new people taking part in TrailO competitions, most of them really young”.


Elite Open class
1. Alessio Tenani (OK Pan Kristianstad) 17 points / 18 seconds
2. Renato Bettin (Orienteering Swallows Noale A.S.D.) 17 points / 89 seconds
3. Francesca De Nardis (Polisportiva “G. Masi”) 16 points / 28 seconds
4. Corrado Miniotti (Cral G.T.) 16 points / 42 seconds
5. Tiziano Vargiolu (A.S.D. Padova Orienteering) 16 points / 73 seconds

Elite Paralympic class
1. Fabio Bortolami (A.S.D. Padova Orienteering) 13 points / 122 seconds
2. Leopoldo Vighini (A.S.D. Atletica Interflumina) 13 points / 179 seconds

Open A class
1. Martina Paone ((Polisportiva “G. Masi”) 8 points / 100 seconds
2. Karol Gabrowski (Polisportiva “G. Masi”) 8 points / 114 seconds
3. Andrea Berto (Laguna Nord) 8 points / 133 seconds

Photo courtesy of Susy De Pieri.

Joaquim Margarido

[Portuguese Orienteering Blog appreciates Susy De Pieri's cooperation, providing results, maps, solutions, photos and a small report about the race]

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