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Martin Kronlund International Trophy 2017: Victories of Andreu Blanes and Sofia Haajanen

Confirming an excellent shape, Andreu Blanes Reig was the winner of the Martin Kronlund International Trophy 2017. On the women's side, Sofia Haajanen get the best overall time, ahead of Esther Gil and Ona Ràfols. Daniel Hubmann was the event's big absent.

With the presence of 1,238 athletes from 15 countries, took place last weekend in San Martin de Valdeiglesias, 80 km west of Madrid, the 27th edition of Martin Kronlund International Trophy. After Santa Pola, Alicante (15th Costa Blanca Trophy) and Murcia (29th Costa Calida Trophy) the event marked the return of the Spanish Foot Orienteering League 2017, offering three stages - Long Distance and Sprint on the first day and Middle Distance on the second Day -, the first of which scoring for the IOF World Orienteering Ranking. The organization, led by the clubs Adyron, OrientaGetafe and Alabarda-O, Madridian Orienteering Federation and Spanish Orienteering Federation, offered excellent courses on beautiful terrains, paying the best tribute to the “father” of Spanish Orienteering, Martin Kronlund.

Very tough physically, not only by the undergrowth vegetation preventing a faster and fluid running, but also by the heat, the Long Distance race had in Estonian Timo Sild (Koovee) and Finnish Marika Teini (SK Pohjantahti ) the great winners. In the men's sector, Sild counted on the strong opposition of the Spanish Andreu Blanes Reig, registering in the end of the 11.4 km of his course a time of 1:09:52 against 1:11:36 of his most direct opponent. Lauri Sild was the third ranked, at 4:13 of his brother and teammate. Introduced as the favorite to the victory, Marika Teini had also a hard task to get rid of her compatriot and team mate Sofia Haajanen, having finished in 1:10:44 the 8.2 km of her route and registered a twenty-second advantage over the second placed. With a high quality performance, the “veteran” Esther Gil i Brotons (Colivenc) was the third ranked, with more 6:48 than the winner.

Andreu Blanes and Outi Hytonen won the Middle Distance

With many absences, surely motivated by the hardness of the Long Distance race and by the fact that this stage didn't count for the Trophy, the Sprint had again in Timo Sild the great figure, winning conclusively with the time of 11:44 . Marc Serralonga Arqués (Go-Xtrem) and Joni Hirvikallio (Koovee) took the immediate positions, with more 27 seconds and 28 seconds than the winner, respectively. Violeta Feliciano Sanjuán (Colivenc) was the fastest to complete her course, winning the Elite class with the time of 13:08. Sofia Haajanen finished in the second place with a thirty-second disadvantage, and Anna Serralonga Arqués (Go-Xtrem) get the third position, 46 seconds behind the winner.

For the last day was reserved the Middle Distance stage, in which Andreu Blanes Reig was clearly the strongest. In a very technical and fast terrain, Andreu did a perfect race, finishing with the time of 24:02 and a two-minute advantage over the second placed, his teammate Antonio Martinez Perez. In third place, 2:44 after the winner, stood the Finnish Olli-Markus Taivanen (IMP 1398 Navi). Lauri Sild couldn't get better than the 5th place in this stage, and Andreu Blanes Reig won the Trophy. In the Women Elite class, the stage's winner was the Finn Outi Hytonen (Kangasala SK) with a time of 26:09 against 26:48 of her compatriot, Miia Niitynen (Koovee), second placed. The Spanish Ona Ràfols Perramon (COC Barcelona) achieved the third place. Overall, Sofia Haajanen won the Trophy with Esther Gil i Brotons and Ona Ràfols Perramon getting the immediate positions, separated from each other by only three seconds but at a distance of almost four minutes from the winner.

Overall standings

Men Elite
1. Andreu Blanes Reig (Colivenc) 1:35:38 (+ 00:00)
2. Timo Sild (Koovee) 1:37:07 (+ 01:29)
3. Lauri Sild (Koovee) 1:42:55 (+ 07:17)
4. Antonio Martínez Perez (Colivenc) 1:44:07 (+ 08:29)
5. Johan Backman (Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna) 1:44:11 (+ 08:33)

Women Elite
1. Sofia Haajanen (SK Pohjantahti) 1:43:25 (+ 00:00)
2. Esther Gil i Brotons (Colivenc) 1:47:09 (+ 03:44)
3. Ona Ràfols Perramon (COC Barcelona) 1:47:12 (+ 03:47)
4. Anna Serralonga Arques (Go-Xtrem) 1:49:06 (+ 05:41)
5. Sari Nurmela (Vehkalahden Veikot) 1:57:29 (+ 14:04)

For more information, complete results and photos of the event, please visit the respective website at http://www.alabardaorientacion.com/index.php/martin-krolund-2017/.

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Joaquim Margarido

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