Tuesday, March 14, 2017

MTBO: Garcia and Gonzalez were the best in Spain, Machado and Pontes won in Portugal

The Spanish and Portuguese MTB Orienteering 2017 leagues kicked off simultaneously last weekend. In Pontevedra, northwestern Spain, victories of Ángel García García and Maria Del Mar Delgado Gonzalez. On the Portuguese side of the border, Davide Machado and Susana Pontes were the fastest in Sintra's beautiful surroundings.

Ángel Garcia García (Brigantia) and Maria Del Mar Delgado Gonzalez (IES Sabón) were the winners of the Marco Antonio Blanco Trophy - PonteOriBike 2017, opening round of the Spanish MTBO season. Organised by AROMON club, the event called to the villages of Chans de Cela and Castrove, Pontevedra, over 150 participants for two demanding stages – Middle Distance and Long Distance – in detailed and steep terrains, with a good net of tracks. Winner of the Spanish MTB Orienteering League 2016, Ángel García García won both stages, getting a fifteen-minute lead over David Toll Clos (CEOBTT), second placed. Things were different in the women's race, and Luisa Felpeto González (Fluvial Lugo) managed to win the first stage but Maria Del Mar Delgado Gonzalez's fifteen-minute victory in the decisive stage earned her the first position in the overall standings.

In Portugal, nearly 150 MTB orienteers headed Janas, Sintra, for a two-day journey full of adrenaline and fun in a really detailed map with a good net of tracks and lots of route choices. Offering two stages – Long Distance and Middle Distance -, the 8th CPOC MTBO Trophy, was organized by CPOC, having in Davide Machado (.COM) and Susana Pontes (COC) the great winners. Machado's performance on the first day was truly impressive, translated in a seventeen-minute advantage over Luis Barreiro (NADA), second placed. Machado also won the second stage, this time with Daniel Marques (COC) being the second placed. Like Machado, Susana Pontes didn't feel any trouble to win both stages, reaching a 38-minute (!) victory in the first day to which she added a thirteen-minute win in the last day, in both cases over Noémia Magalhães (Amigos da Montanha), second placed.

Marco Antonio Blanco Trophy - PonteOriBike 2017
Pontevedra, Spain

Overall standings

Men Elite
1. Ángel García García (Brigantia) 2:40:48
2. David Toll Clos (CEOBTT) 2:55:51
3. Pablo Samper Sanz (GOCAN) 3:03:08
3. Juan José Sancosmed Vázquez (COCO) 3:03:08
5. Alberto Taboada Pintor (Adventure Addict) 3:05:40

Women Elite
1. Maria Del Mar Delgado Gonzalez (IES Sabón) 2:56:05
2. Susana Arroyo Schnell (Sotobosque) 3:11:20
3. Teresa Barreira Salgado (Montaña Ferrol) 3:16:30
4. Luisa Felpeto González (Fluvial Lugo) 3:25:39
5. Natalia Isaba Aramendía (Norte-Sur) 3:34:29

8th CPOC MTBO Trophy
Sintra, Portugal

Overall standings

Men Elite
1. Davide Machado (.COM) 2000.00 points
2. Daniel Marques (COC) 1796.94 points
Luis Barreiro (NADA) 1792.45 points
4. Duarte Lourenço (BTT Loulé/BPI) 1661.29 points
5. Paul Roothans (CN Alvito) 1640.42 points

Women Elite
1. Susana Pontes (COC) 2000.00 points
2. Noémia Magalhães (Amigos da Montanha) 1643.44 points
3. Diana Moreira (CAB) 1535.13 points
4. Maria Sá (ADFA) 602.23 points

Joaquim Margarido

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