Friday, March 17, 2017

Two or three things I know about it...

1. The Spanish Orienteering Championship CEO 2017, which will take place from 13th to 16th April, will be a solidarity event, extending its hand to the Foundation Mozambique Sur and Casa Do Gaiato School, Mozambique. Like what is used to do in the Nordic countries, Casa do Gaiato School introduced Orienteering as a curricular discipline and the results have been very positive, revealing an increase in values (teamwork, resilience, decision making, etc.) and also in the performances, both physical and intellectual, that the practise of this sport induces. This is one of the reasons why the Club Gocan Orientación Complutense supports the project, setting up a stand at the Competition Center, in Canencia and Miraflores, in the Sierra de Madrid, with a view to a solidarity raffle. More information at

2. Sweden achieved five out of nine gold medals during the World Ski Orienteering Championships held in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Despite winning more medals overall, Russia got “only” three gold medals, standing second placed in this particular list. Tove Alexandersson and Erik Rost, both from Sweden, were the stars of the Championships, winning 3 gold and 2 gold and 2 silver medals respectively. However, Polina Frolova, Russian won more medals than anyone else, with one gold, three silver and one bronze medal. A particular word goes to Stanimir Belomazhev, Bulgaria, for the first ever men’s gold medal in SkiO for his country, achieved in the Middle Distance race. Six countries inscribed their names in the medal list, with Sweden getting the lead with five gold and two silver, followed by Russia (three gold, six silver and two bronze), Bulgaria (one gold) and Finland (one silver and four bronze). Norway, with two bronze medals, and the Czech Republic, with one bronze medal, close the list. As already said, Tove Alexandersson and Erik Rost were “queen” and “king” of the Championships, but Polina Frolova, Mariya Kechkina (two gold medals) and Andrey Lamov (one gold and two silver medals), all from Russia, Stanimir Belomazhev, Bulgaria, and the Finn Salla Koskela (one silver and three bronze medals) deserve also a special mention.

3. Almost 1,300 athletes from 26 countries participated in the Lipica Open 2017, Foot Orienteering event that took place from 11th to 15th March in Kras region, Slovenia. Founded on five stages - one of Long Distance, three of Middle Distance and one of Intermediate Distance (“shortened long”), the event had in Bartosz Pawlak and Hanna Wisniewska, both representing the Polish Military Team, the great winners in the respective Elite classes. Winning the first three stages and finishing with a second place, Bartosz Pawlak was the fastest overall, with a final time of 3:48:30. However, tt should be noted that the races were very contested, with the athletes registering very small differences among themselves in each of the stages. That is why Bulgarian Kiril Nikolov (Bulgaria National Team) finished in second place, 5:04 of the winner, even without having won any stage. The Hungarian Áron Bakó (Tabáni Spartacus Sport és Környezetvédö Egyesület) won the final stage, finishing their participation in Lipica Open 2017 in the third place with more 5:08 than the winner. With two wins and three second places, Hanna Wisniewska eventually reached the top spot of the overall standings with the time of 4:13:07. The two immediate positions were reached by her team mates Aleksandra Hornik (two stage wins) and Ewa Gwozdz, with more 27:52 and 30:04, respectively. A final word for the Austrian Rafael Dobnik (OLC Union Viktring) and the Czech Tereza Korpasová (Lokomotiva Ingstav Brno), winners of the Junior category, male and female, respectively. Full results at

4. With more than 20 years practising Orienteering, Miguel Ángel Garcia met Trail Orienteering in 2015 and decided to go deeper into the subject. He read all the documentation on this subject, participated in a Conference held at the University of Valencia and, one year ago, organized the first ever TrailO competition in Seville, Spain. Surprisingly, he realized that the vast majority of participants had enjoyed the small course at Ribera del Guadaira and wanted to repeat it. It is now time to relive the experience, creating something truly new by organizing the first Trail Orienteering League in Spain. “We have bundled the blanket to the head and we are going to launch a TrailO League in Andalusia, which will consist of four races in 2017”, said Miguel Ángel Garcia to the Portuguese Orienteering Blog. With the participation of the clubs ADOL – Asociación Deporte de Orientación Lince, Seville, COMA - Orienteering Club of Málaga and COHU - Orienteering Club of Huelva, FADO -Andalusian Orienteering Federation and FEDO - Spanish Orienteering Federation, the TrailO South League 2017 will start in Cañete la Real (Malaga), on 30th April, and then will continue in Hinojos (Huelva) on 28th May. On 7th October it will be the turn of Coin (Malaga) to host the third stage of the event, which will end in Aznalcazar (Seville) on 4th November. However, one of the promotion stages of the event has already started with the release of a video where Trail Orienteering is introduced and an invitation to participation is launched. The video can be seen at

Joaquim Margarido

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