Thursday, March 09, 2017

WSOC 2017: Three times gold for Alexandersson

On the third day of races, the third gold for Tove Alexandersson. Today's podium of the World Ski Orienteering Championships was a copy of two previous days, with Polina Frolova reaching her third silver medal and Salla Koskela tripling the bronze.

The Multi-purpose Complex “Biathlon Academy” and its surroundings, in Krasnoyarsk, were, once more, the venue of another great Ski orienteering journey. Fully dedicated to women's Middle Distance race, the World Ski Orienteering Championships' competitive program brought together 32 athletes representing 12 countries for a 7,300-meter race with 21 Controls, rated as “very demanding physically”.

Pointed as the great favourite to win, Tove Alexandersson showed physical and technical skills of superior level, reaching her third gold medal in a row after an almost clean race. The fact that this was her first World Middle Distance title made the triumph even more tasty, putting her one step closer to winning the three individual world titles in the same edition of the Championships , thus repeating the tremendous achievement of Russian Tatiana Vlasova, the great figure of the 2007 edition, held in Moscow region.

With a very strong start, Alexandersson soon detached from her opponents, eventually winning with 32:09 after being the fastest in 13 out of 21 legs that made up the course. Polina Frolova, Russia, finished in the second position with more 1:37 than the winner, while the third place went to the Finnish Salla Koskela, more than two minutes behind Alexandersson. With exactly half the races fulfilled, Sweden consolidated its position at the top of the medal list with four gold medals. Russia with four silver medals and one bronze and Finland with three bronze medals complete the list.


1. Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) 32:09 (+ 00:00)
2. Polina Frolova (Russia) 33:46 (+ 01:37)
3. Salla Koskela (Finlandia) 34:16 (+ 02:07)
4. Alena Trapeznikova (Russia) 34:26 (+ 02:17)
5. Tatyana Oborina (Russia) 35:09 (+ 03:00)
6. Mariya Kechkina (Russia) 35:33 (+ 03:24)

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Joaquim Margarido

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