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2017 Sweden PreO Championships: Victories for Marit Wiksell and Erik Stålnacke

The Swedish Trail Orienteering season started with the National PreO titles' contest. Marit Wiksell, in the night competition, and Erik Stålnacke, in the daytime version, were the big winners.

After the long break of the Nordic winter, Trail Orienteering returned to Sweden with the PreO National Championships, day and night. Organized jointly by OK Pan-Kristianstad, Andrarums IF and Stigmännen Karlshamns OK clubs, the 2017 PreO Syd called to Skåne and Blekinge, in Southern Sweden, 56 Elite competitors, mostly Swedes, but also from neighboring countries of Finland, Norway and Denmark as well as Slovakia.

At the beginning of the night of the first day, took place the National Championships of PreO-Night, which finished with the top seven competitors tied in points, with all 20 tasks answered correctly. Marit Wiksell (Rehns BK) has shown her great quality in the timed controls, being the fastest with a 19-second answer time to the three challenges. With this result, Wiksell reached her second National PreO-Night title in ten editions, after a previous victory in 2013. Winner in 2016, Jens Andersson (OK Roslagen) spent four seconds more than Wiksell and achieved the second position. Six seconds behind the winner, Robert Jakobsson (Tidaholm SOK Sisu) got the third place.

Overall winning for Jens Andersson

Kept for the National Championships of PreO-Day, the last day's course took place on a very detailed terrain where Erik Stålnacke (IFK Göteborg) reached his second title of the last three seasons. In a course consisting of 20 controls and two timed stations with two tasks each, were ten the competitors that finished with the same score, managing to answer correctly to nineteen tasks. The fastest in the sum of the timed stations was the Norwegian Geir Myhr Øien (Ringsaker OK) with 29 seconds. The second fastest competitor was Stalnåcke with 40 seconds, with the third position in this stage - and the title of vice-champion – being to Karl-Gustaf Däldehög (Fjärås AIK), with 37 seconds more than the winner. Missing the penultimate timed control, Bosse Sandström (OK Skogsmunken) also missed the national title, eventually having to settle with the bronze medal. The defending champion, William Rex (OK Landehof), finished in the 25th position, two points behind the winner.

The competition wasn't just the two National Championships stages, having a third PreO course in the intermediate day. The Norwegian Lars Jakob Waaler and Martin Aarholt Waaler, both representing PorsgrunnOL, were the great figures this time. Lars Jakob Waaler finished with 30 points, followed by a group of six competitors with one point less, including Martin Aarholt Waaler, second-placed and the Swedish Robert Jakobsson (Tidaholm SOK Sisu), third. In the reckoning of the three stages, the victory would smile to Jens Andersson (OK Roslagen) with 68 points, followed by Magnus Sterner (Strängnäs-Malmby OL) and Sigurd Dæhli (Løten OL), both with 67 points, but with Sterner being faster than the Norwegian in the timed controls.


PreO Day 1
National Championships - Night
1. Marit Wiksell (Rehns BK) 20 points / 19 seconds
2. Jens Andersson (OK Roslagen) 20 points / 23 seconds
3. Robert Jakobsson (Tidaholm SOK Sisu) 20 points / 25 seconds
4. Magnus Sterner (Strängnäs-Malmby OL) 20 points / 27 seconds
5. Stig Gerdtman (Vingåkers OK) 20 points / 46 seconds

PreO Day 2
1. Lars Jakob Waaler (Porsgrunn OL, NOR) 30 points / 75 seconds
2. Martin Aarholt Waaler (Porsgrunn OL, NOR) 29 points / 16 seconds
3. Robert Jakobsson (Tidaholm SOK Sisu) 29 points / 22 seconds
4. William Rex (OK Landehof) 29 points / 23 seconds
5. Ari Tertsunen (Tuusulan Voima-Veikot, FIN) 29 points / 29 seconds

PreO Day 3
National Championships - Day
1. Geir Myhr Øien (Ringsaker OK, NOR) 19 points / 29 seconds
2. Erik Stålnacke (IFK Göteborg) 19 points / 40 seconds
3. Karl-Gustaf Däldehög (Fjärås AIK) 19 points / 66 seconds
4. Vibeke Vogelius (Silkeborg OK, DAN) 19 points / 69 seconds
5. Bosse Sandström (OK Skogsmunken) 19 points / 86 seconds

PreO Syd
Overall standings
1. Jens Andersson (OK Roslagen) 68 points / 171 seconds
2. Magnus Sterner (Strängnäs-Malmby OL) 67 points / 219 seconds
3. Sigurd Dæhli (Løten OL, NOR) 67 points / 258 seconds
4. Erik Stålnacke (IFK Göteborg) 65 points / 68 seconds
5. Robert Jakobsson (Tidaholm SOK Sisu) 65 points / 78 seconds

Complete results and further information at https://eventor.orientering.se.

[Photos: svenskorientering.se]

Joaquim Margarido

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