Wednesday, April 05, 2017

2017 Taiwan TrailO Championships: Shu-Ying Chen and Lan-Feng Chan got the gold

Shu-Ying Chen and Lan-Feng Chan were the winners of the 2017 Taiwan Trail Orienteering Championships. Shu-Ying achieved the PreO title while Lan-Feng got the winning in the TempO competition.

Taking the first steps in Taiwan, Trail Orienteering met another important moment in that territory of Republic of China with the accomplishment of the Taiwan Trail Orienteering Championships' second edition. Organized by Taiwan Orienteering Association, the event took place in Xinbei City, gathering 19 competitors spared by the Elite, Open A, Youth A, Open B and Youth B classes.

Akune Li, a capable Trail Orienteer from Hong Kong, was invited to set the courses, resulting in a 16-point PreO competition, complemented by a timed two-task station, and in a TempO competition with three timed station, each offering four tasks. The level of technical demanding will have been high given the inexperience of the competitors, which might to explain the low percentage of correct answers. In the PreO competition, Shu-Ying Chen didn't go above 9 points, one point more than Lan-Feng Chang, ranked second. In the TempO competition, the positions were reversed and, although Shu-Ying Chen was clearly faster than his opponent, the 270-second penalty, corresponding to 9 incorrect answers, turned out to be decisive as to the final result.

In brief remarks to the Portuguese Orienteering Blog, Akune Li talked about the way he joined the entire group in the end of the event, explaining each control and leaving his comments: "They focused on the course and it was very interesting. We also worked on the last year's competition. I think it is not enough for the beginners just giving the solutions map”, he added. Akune Li also shared his pleasure of setting Trail Orienteering courses: “This year I'll plan two Trail Orienteering competitions in Hong Kong, by the Hong Kong Orienteering Club. I really enjoy mapping and setting courses. It's a good way to improve my TrailO technical skills and also an important training method for TrailO”, he concluded.


PreO Elite class
1. Shu-Ying Chen 9 points / 150 seconds
2. Lan-Feng Chang 8 points / 109 seconds
3. Yi-yi Tsai 5 points / 83 seconds

TempO Elite class
1. Lan-Feng Chang 316 seconds
2. Shu-Ying Chen 353 seconds
3. Yi-yi Tsai 400 seconds

Photo courtesy of Akune Li.

Joaquim Margarido

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