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3rd Ávila Trophy and 2nd Máximus Trophy: Victories of Antonio Martínez and Alicia Gil

The fourth round of the 2017 Spanish Orienteering League, held in Burgohondo, Ávila, joined nearly eight hundred athletes for a challenging and fun orienteering weekend. The fastest in the Elite category were Antonio Martínez Pérez and Alicia Gil Sanchéz.

With the accomplishment of the 3rd Ávila Trophy and 2nd Máximus Trophy, took place in Burgohondo, Ávila, the fourth round of the 2017 Spanish Orienteering League. The event was organized by the Máximus Orienteering Club and the Burgohondo Municipality, gathering close eight hundred competitors for two challenging races – Middle Distance and Long Distance – and, still, the bonus of a Sprint race, in the afternoon of the first day.

Both, the Middle and the Long Distance, were held in challenging terrains, with lots of rocky features of all kind, demanding high accuracy in the map reading and a good physical shape. After some small mistakes, Antonio Martínez Perez (Colivenc) was able to achieve the best record in the Middle Distance race, finishing with the time of 36:20, against 38:14 from Pau Llorens Caellas (COB Barcelona) and 40:24 from Eduardo Gil Marcos (Tjalve), second and third placed. Martínez's Long Distance race was far from being perfect, but the ten-minute advantage over Llorens clearly demonstrate his huge superiority. Both Middle and Long Distance races were also a jigsaw in the Women Elite class, with all athletes having a lot to review after mistake-filled races. Esther Gil i Brotons (Colivenc) won the Middle Distance race in the Women Elite with the time of 48:15 against 49:47 from Alicia Gil Sánchez (Colivenc). In the Long Distance, Alicia finished six and half minutes before Esther Gil, achieving the Trophy.

Overall standings

Men Elite
1. Antonio Martínez Pérez (Colivenc) 2:17:32 (+ 00:00)
2. Pau Llorens Caellas (COB Barcelona) 2:30:12 (+ 12:40)
3. Eduardo Gil Marcos (Tjalve) 2:36:25 (+ 18:53)
4. Álvaro Prieto Del Campo (Malarruta) 2:42:01 (+ 24:29)
5. Pol Ràfols Perramon (COB Barcelona) 2:47:56 (+ 30:24)

Women Elite
1. Alicia Gil Sánchez (Colivenc) 2:22:37 (+ 00:00)
2. Esther Gil i Brotons (Colivenc) 2:27:35 (+ 04:58)
3. Carmen Patiño Déniz (Toledo-O) 2:41:10 (+ 18:33)
4. Marta Guijo Alonso (Via Plata) 2:43:43 (+ 21:06)
5. Laura Serra Sala (COB Barcelona) 2:48:24 (+ 25:47)

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