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CamBOr 2017: Gelson Andrey and Elaine Lenz were the best in the first round of Brazilian Championships

The 2017 Brazilian Orienteering Championships started last weekend, with the first round taking place in Tiradentes and Prados. Good orienteering, lots of excitement and, in the end, two big names coming out ahead for the next round: Gelson Andrey and Elaine Lenz.

CamBOR 2017, the Brazilian Orienteering Championships, have already started. Traditionally spared by three rounds, the event kicked off in the municipalities of Tiradentes and Prados, in the state of Minas Gerais, for its 19th edition. Organized by the Brazilian Orienteering Confederation, Mineira Orienteering Federation and Serra do Lenheiro Orienteering Club and counting on the presence of six hundred competitors from the four corners of Brazil, this CamBOr 2017's first round broke with the tradition, leaving aside the Relay “party” and opening with a Sprint race, a true novelty in the program of the largest Orienteering Championships in the Americas. João Pedro Jaber (ADAAN) and Raquel Sales Arendt (IDESP Dourados), two of the greatest representatives of the new wave of Brazilian athletes, were the winners in the Elite category, in both cases with differences of less than one minute for the runners-up, Sidnaldo Sousa (ADAAN) and Edinéia Roniak (COGA).

Unlike the Sprint stage, the next two stages - Long Distance and Middle Distance - scored for the first round of CamBOr, in which Gelson Andrey Togni (COGA) and Elaine Lenz (ADAAN) were the major figures overall. Gelson Andrey won the Middle Distance stage, with Sidnaldo Sousa being second placed, while in the Long Distance, the victory in the Men Elite class was hardly contested, with Claudinei Nitsch (CASUSA) beating Carlos Henrique Souza (COGA) by the difference of two seconds and with Andrey occupying the third position. In the Women Elite class, Elaine Lenz won comfortably the Long Distance stage, with the winner of CamBOr 2016, Franciely Chiles (COSM), achieving the second place. In the Long Distance race, there was a heated duel that ended in favour of Camila Cortinhas (COSM) with a difference of 12 seconds over Letícia Saltori (ADAAN), second placed. Here, Elaine couldn't get better than the fifth place.

In his Facebook page [HERE] Gelson Andrey reveals himself surprised with his performance and speaks of “a tough event that has left me satisfied with my physical, technical and psychological shape”. The young athlete reveals that “I have not been racing for a long time without mistakes and with a strong rhythm as I was able to do in the Middle Distance” and believes that he's back to “that 'good' orienteering” he was able to do when he was in the Junior category. Last words goes to those who more closely follow his career: “I can see now the importance of having good people by my side, who didn't bother to waste their time to give me good advice, and especially a constructive sermon”, he says. Also Elaine Lenz shares some impressions on her Facebook page [HERE], speaking of “sweat, mud and many contour lines” to characterize the first round of CamBOr 2017. Driving her career under the motto “insist, persist and never give up”, the athlete confesses to be “super happy with the result”, overcoming “two really demanding courses from the physical, technical and psychological point of view”. And concludes: “I only have to thank especially to my coach, Albano João, and those who are always by my side, supporting me, cherishing me, giving me strength and encouragement.”


Men Elite

1. João Pedro Jaber (ADAAN) 15:51 (+ 00:00)
2. Sidnaldo Farias Sousa (ADAAN) 16:29 (+ 00:38)
3. Everton Daniel Markus (COSM) 16:38 (+ 00:47)
4. Carlos Henrique Souza (COGA) 17:18 (+ 01:27)
5. Claudinei Nitsch (CASUSA) 18:50 (+ 02:59)

Long Distance
1. Claudinei Nitsch (CASUSA) 1:22:37 (+ 00:00)
2. Carlos Henrique Souza (COGA) 1:22:39 (+ 00:02)
3. Gelson Andrey Togni (COGA) 1:25:52 (+ 03:15)
4. Cleber Baratto Vidal (COSM) 1:30:59 (+ 08:22)
5. Marciano Claudir Kaminski (CASUSA) 1:31:31 (+ 08:54)

Middle Distance
1. Gelson Andrey Togni (COGA) 54:31 (+ 00:00)
2. Sidnaldo Farias Sousa (ADAAN) 55:05 (+ 00:34)
3. Carlos Henrique Souza (COGA) 56:45 (+ 02:14)
4. Cleber Baratto Vidal (COSM) 58:03 (+ 03:32)
5. Claudinei Nitsch (CASUSA) 58:40 (+ 04:09)

Women Elite

1. Raquel Sales Arendt (IDESP Dourados) 18:52 (+ 00:00)
2. Edinéia Roniak (COGA) 19:10 (+ 00:18)
3. Maisa Franco Szczypior (COC) 20:06 (+ 01:14)
4. Franciely de Siqueira Chiles (COSM) 20:10 (+ 01:18)
5. Leticia da Silva Saltori (ADAAN) 20:42 (+ 01:50)

Long Distance
1. Camila Luisa Cortinhas (COSM) 1:13:06 (+ 00:00)
2. Leticia da Silva Saltori (ADAAN) 1:13:18 (+ 00:12)
3. Edinéia Roniak (COGA) 1:16:13 (+ 03:07)
4. Franciely de Siqueira Chiles (COSM) 1:20:49 (+ 07:43)
5. Elaine Dalmares Lenz (ADAAN) 1:25:20 (+ 12:14)

Middle Distance
1. Elaine Dalmares Lenz (ADAAN) 1:10:03 (+ 00:00)
2. Franciely de Siqueira Chiles (COSM) 1:13:37 (+ 03:34)
3. Maisa Franco Szczypio (COC) 1:16:03 (+ 06:00)
4. Sara Fabrina Weis (COGA) 1:17:31 (+ 07:28)
5. Leticia da Silva Saltori (ADAAN) 1:17:58 (+ 07:55)

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Joaquim Margarido

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