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ISF WSC Orienteering 2017: The party is over!

After achieving the gold in the Long Distance race, Guilhem Elias and Laurence Defraigne returned to be the fastest in the Middle Distance that closed the ISF World Schools Orienteering Championships 2017. Portugal was represented on the Championships' podium by Vasco Mendes, following an excellent performance which earned him a bronze medal.

The ISF World Schools Orienteering Championships 2017 came to an end in Palermo, Italy. The Middle Distance race that ended the competition was attended by 650 competitors from 27 countries, distributed by four School classes and four Selected classes. In the School classes, the highlight is, of course, the French Guilhem Elias (Lycée Honoré d'Urfe), who achieved his second gold medal at the M1 class after beating the Swedish Emil Aselius (Eksjo Gymnasium) by more than 1:30. The Austrian Peter Brabek (BG / BRG Fürstenfeld), the Swedish Isa Envall (Eksjo Gymnasium) and the English Merryn Stangroom (Ulverston Victoria High School) were the winners in the M2, W1 and W2 classes, respectively. The last two athletes also repeated their presence on the podium, after Envall's third place and Stangroom's second place in the Long Distance race, three days ago. Still in the W2 class, a word for the Estonian Johanna Laanoja, second placed today, after being the Long Distance's winner.

As for the Selected classes, the Belgian Laurence Defraigne did the same as Guilhem Elias and won her second gold medal in these Championships, after beating the Austrian Jana Hnilica for an advantage over than one minute, in the W2 class. In the M1 class, the Slovakians Jakub Chupek and Jakub Dekret and the Austrian Jannis Bonek returned to the podium, albeit in a different order, being the gold for Chupek, this time. Spain also repeated its presence on the top of the podium, with Florencio Garcia, second-placed in the Long Distance winning the M2 class. The Swedish Elia Olsson, achieved the silver medal in the W1 class, after getting the bronze in the previous race. In this class, the victory went to the Austrian Ilvy Kastner. One last word for the young Vasco Mendes, third placed in the Selected M2 class, introducing the name of Portugal to the 12-country batch with honours to climb to the Championships' podium.


School M1
1. Guilhem Elias (Lycée Honoré d'Urfe, FRA) 29:30 (+ 00:00)
2. Emil Aselius (Eksjo Gymnasium, SWE) 31:07 (+ 01:37)
3. Matias Salonen (Mäkelänrinteen Lukio, FIN) 32:57 (+ 03:27)

School M2
1. Peter Brabek (BG/BRG Fürstenfeld, AUT) 32:11 (+ 00:00)
2. Felix Lunn (Kenilworth School & Sixth Form, ENG) 32:37 (+ 00:26)
3. Grant Mcmurtrie (Aboyerne Academy, SCO) 34:03 (+ 01:52)

School W1
1. Isa Envall (Eksjo Gymnasium, SWE) 31:04 (+ 00:00)
2. Tuuli Heikkilä (Mäkelänrinteen Lukio, FIN) 33:52 (+ 02:51)
3. Jasmiina Rantala (Mäkelänrinteen Lukio, FIN) 35:02 (+ 03:58)

School W2
1. Merryn Stangroom (Ulverston Victoria High School, ENG) 26:06 (+ 00:00)
2. Johanna Laanoja (Pölva, EST) 26:40 (+ 00:34)
3. Tereza Chrastova (Zakladni a Materska skola Studenec, CZE) 27:23 (+ 01:17)

Selected M1
1. Jakub Chupek (Slovakia) 33:29 (+ 00:00)
2. Jannis Bonek (Austria) 35:10 (+ 01:41)
3. Jakub Dekret (Slovakia) 36:36 (+ 03:07)

Selected M2
1. Florencio Garcia (Spain) 32:20 (+ 00:00)
2. Edmund Grierson (England) 33:56 (+ 01:36)
3. Vasco Mendes (Portugal) 36:37 (+ 04:17)

Selected W1
1. Ylvi Kastner (Austria) 40:31 (+ 00:00)
2. Elia Olsson (Sweden) 41:04 (+ 00:33)
3. Frida Vikström (Sweden) 43:16 (+ 02:45)

Selected W2
1. Laurence Defraigne (Belgium FR) 22:15 (+ 00:00)
2. Jana Hnilica (Austria) 23:26 (+ 01:11)
3. Luboslava Weissova (Slovakia) 24:06 (+ 01:51)

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Joaquim Margarido

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