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JK 2017: Victories of Geir Myhr Øien and Sarah-Jane Barrable in the TrailO stages

To British orienteers, Easter matches with Jan Kjellström International Festival of Orienteering. This year's competitive program included two TrailO stages, the first of the season in the UK, with victories of Geir Myhr Øien in TempO and Sarah-Jane Barrable in PreO.

JK's TrailO competition was attended by 60 competitors in the TempO stage and 42 in the PreO stage, mostly British, but also representatives from Germany, Latvia, Sweden, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Ireland and Norway. And it was precisely a Norwegian who showed up at his best by winning the TempO, a stage planned by Scott Collier, with Charles Bromley Gardner in the role of Controller and played on the campus of Brunel University in London. Geir Myhr Øien (Ringsaker OK) answered in 204 seconds to the 30 tasks of the course (six timed stations, with five tasks each), getting a 150-second penalty for five wrong answers. The final 354 seconds guaranteed him a comfortable win over one of the best British specialists in TempO, the young Tom Dobra (UBOC), credited with 467 seconds overall. The fight for the bronze medal was titanic, with the German Anne Straube (OD) scoring 482 seconds and beating the Norwegian Sigurd Dæhli (Løten OL) for one second and the British Nick Barrable (SYO) for two seconds. Still a word for the British Anna Harris (DEE), the most accurate with only two wrong answers, but with an answer time of 494 seconds, which meant that her final classification was not beyond the 8th place.

Designed by Ian Ditchfield and Peter Huzan and supervised by Dick Kighley, the PreO stage took place in Owibeech and featured an 18-control course, plus a two-tasks timed station. Mark Nixon (FVO) was almost perfect over the course, but he was charged by the time pressure on the last two controls, missing both and finished with 15 points overall and the third place. Sarah-Jane Barrable (SLOW) and Kenny Leitch (SO) got 16 points overall and Sarah-Jane was faster than her direct opponent in the timed station, keeping the victory. One final word to the difficulty inherent to the control nº 4 and also to the second timed control, registering abnormally high percentages of incorrect answers (93% in the first case and 86% in the second case).


1. Geir Myhr Øien (Ringsaker OK, NOR) 354 seconds
2. Tom Dobra (UBOC) 467 seconds
3. Anne Straube (OD, GER) 482 seconds
4. Sigurd Dæhli (Løten OL, NOR) 483 seconds
5. Nick Barrable (SYO) 484 seconds
6. John Kewley (MDOC) 496 seconds
7. Alan Hickling (SAX) 507 seconds
8. Anna Harris (DEE) 554 seconds
9. Matthew Leitch (EUOC) 557 seconds
10. Sarah-Jane Barrable (SLOW) 561 seconds

1. Sarah-Jane Barrable (SLOW) 16 points / 95 seconds
2. Kenny Leitch (SO) 16 points / 110 seconds
3. Mark Nixon (FVO) 15 points / 79,5 seconds
4. Peter Suba (WSX) 15 points / 87 seconds
5. John Crosby (NATO) 15 points / 95 seconds
6. Charles Bromley Gardner (BAOC) 15 points / 99 seconds
7. Nick Barrable (SYO) 14 points / 31 seconds
8. Tom Dobra (UBOC) 14 points / 78 seconds
9. Christine Roberts (EBOR) 14 points / 145 seconds
10. Simon Greenwood (SAX) 13 points / 84 seconds

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