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FinTrailO 2017: Marit Wiksell wins for the fourth year in a row

For the fourth year in a row, Marit Wiksell was the winner of FinTrailO 2017. The set of results achieved along the three stages assured her the triumph after a tight fight with Pinja Mäkinen, who would occupy the second position.

Espoo, 20 km west of Helsinki, was the venue of FinTrailO's fourth edition. Divided by three stages – one TempO and two PreO - the event scored for the Unofficial European Cup in Trail Orienteering, attracting 140 competitors from 15 different nations. Organized by OK77, directed by Anna Jacobson and having Åke Jacobson (PreO 1&2) and Roope Näsi and Alahärmän Kisa (TempO) as Course Setters, it was a very successful event, crowning a two-year work on both mapping, course setting and general organization.

According to Anna Jacobson's thoughts to the Portuguese Orienteering Blog, organizers and competitors “were rather unlucky with the weather in the PreO stages: On Saturday afternoon it rained and snowed and there was a storm where big trees fell on the route (right after the competition before the controls were taken in). One flag fell on control 6 so it had to be voided. Then it snowed (!!?) the whole evening and night and in the next morning the course setter got up at 4, changed the tires of the car back to winter tires and went on to bring the flags (93) to the terrain. No markings could be seen on the ground due to the snow, and no control flags could be seen from the road - due to the snow! So we mobilised 4-5 officials (woke them up) who started cleaning the trees of snow. Further, no motorised wheel chairs could drive up the hill (400 m, very steep) to the start, neither could our car meant for transporting wheelchairs (summer tires). Again, 4-5 men took their shovels and rakes, and cleaned the road! It was amazing. Finally, due to our helpful officials, we were able to organise the competition as planned.” And she concludes: “I'm very happy that so many competitors came to FinTrailO and the competitors were very tough when competing in such circumstances we had. I am also happy about that the two ECTO events we organised were challenging but fair. PreO 2 terrain and course were exceptionally nice for map reading.”

FinTrailO 2017 started with the TempO stage, in which Marit Wiksell (Rehns BK) was clearly the fastest, answering correctly to 27 out of 30 tasks (6 timed stations with 5 tasks each) and finishing with the time of 258. Ján Furucz (Farmaceut Bratislava) got the second place with 266 seconds and Erik Stålnacke (IFK Göteborg), the most accurate with just one incorrect answer, finished in the third place with 272 seconds. Marit Wiksell performed at her best in the PreO's first day, finishing in the second place with 26 points and two incorrect answers. Pinja Mäkinen got the first place with 27 points. The PreO day 2 ended the event with a 34-control course and Martin Fredholm (OK Linné) was the only competitor to do a clean race. In the immediate positions, with less one point, standed Antti Rusanen (Keravan Urheilijat) and Erik Stålnacke. Achieving the lowest scoring-time in the combined results of three stages, Marit Wiksell was the FinTrailO 2017's winner for the fourth year in a row. Pinja Mäkinen and Antti Rusanen got the second and third positions, respectively.


TempO (ECTO #3)
1. Marit Wiksell (Rehns BK, SWE) 258 seconds
2. Ján Furucz (Farmaceut Bratislava, SVK) 266 seconds
3. Erik Stålnacke (IFK Göteborg, SWE) 272 seconds
4. Pinja Mäkinen (Koovee, FIN) 322 seconds
5. Lauri Mäkinen (Mäntsälän Urheilijat, FIN) 335 seconds
6. Jari Turto (Kokemäen Kova-Väki, FIN) 346 seconds
7. Lennart Wahlgren (Rehns BK, SWE) 352 seconds
8. Geir Myhr Øien (Ringsaker OK, NOR) 376 seconds
9. Antti Rusanen (Keravan Urheilijat, FIN) 388 seconds
10. Lars Jakob Waaler (Porsgrunn OL, NOR) 392 seconds

PreO 1
1. Pinja Mäkinen (Koovee, FIN) 27 points / 12 seconds
2. Marit Wiksell (Rehns BK, SWE) 26 points / 14 seconds
3. Mikko Heinonen (Kalevan Rasti, FIN) 26 points / 16 seconds
4. Michael Johansson (Vänersborgs SK, SWE) 26 points / 19 seconds
5. Robertas Stankevic (RASKK Vilniaus, LTU) 26 points / 26 seconds
6. Ján Furucz (Farmaceut Bratislava, SVK) 26 points / 73 seconds
6. Erik Lundkvist (HJS-Vansbro OK, SWE) 26 points / 73 seconds
8. Antti Rusanen (Keravan Urheilijat, FIN) 25 points / 7 seconds
9. Martin Fredholm (OK Linné, SWE) 25 points / 14 seconds
10. Jari Turto (Kokemäen Kova-Väki, FIN) 24 points / 16 seconds

PreO 2 (ECTO #4)
1. Martin Fredholm (OK Linné, SWE) 34 points / 15 seconds
2. Antti Rusanen (Keravan Urheilijat, FIN) 33 points / 16 seconds
3. Erik Stålnacke (IFK Göteborg, SWE) 33 points / 20 seconds
4. Marit Wiksell (Rehns BK, SWE) 32 points / 12 seconds
5. Lars Jakob Waaler (Porsgrunn OL, NOR) 32 points / 15 seconds
6. Geir Myhr Øien (Ringsaker OK, NOR) 32 points / 22 seconds
7. Pinja Mäkinen (Koovee, FIN) 32 points / 27 seconds
8. Aleksei Laisev (Keravan Urheilijat, FIN) 32 points / 31 seconds
9. Michael Johansson (Vänersborgs SK, SWE) 31 points / 15 seconds
9. Samy Hyvönen (RastiPielinen, FIN) 31 points / 15 seconds

FinTrailO 2017 Combined Results
1. Marit Wiksell (Rehns BK, SWE) 524 seconds
2. Pinja Mäkinen (Koovee, FIN) 541 seconds
3. Antti Rusanen (Keravan Urheilijat, FIN) 651 seconds
4. Erik Stålnacke (IFK Göteborg, SWE) 698 seconds
4. Martin Fredholm (OK Linné, SWE) 698 seconds
6. Ján Furucz (Farmaceut Bratislava, SVK) 799 seconds
7. Geir Myhr Øien (Ringsaker OK, NOR) 829 seconds
8. Lars Jakob Waaler (Porsgrunn OL, NOR) 833 seconds
9. Michael Johansson (Vänersborgs SK, SWE) 853 seconds
10. Jari Turto (Kokemäen Kova-Väki, FIN) 916 seconds

To see the complete results, maps, solutions, photos and further information, please visit the event's webpage at http://www.ok77.fi/fintrailo/.

[Photos: Jarmo Koskela / jarmokoskela.kuvat.fi]

Joaquim Margarido

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