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Portuguese MTBO Championships of Middle Distance 2017: Davide Machado and Ana Filipa Silva got the Elite titles

After a two-year break, Davide Machado and Ana Filipa Silva achieved the Portuguese MTBO titles of Middle Distance. The event took place in Cantanhede and was attended by one hundred competitors.

Cantanhede, one of the stages of the recent MTB Orienteering World Championships, hosted another important event of this exciting discipline. We are talking about the 11th edition of the Portuguese MTBO Championships of Middle Distance, organized by ADM Ori-Mondego and the Parish Council of Ança and attended by one hundred competitors from 23 clubs.

The competition in the Men Elite class was entirely dominated by Davide Machado (.COM) who finished the 16.6 km of his course in 47:25. Almost four minutes after the winner, Daniel Marques (COC) was the second placed, while the third position was achieved by the former Middle Distance Champion in 2015 and 2016, João Ferreira (CA Bairrada), with the time of 52:52. In the Women Elite class, Ana Filipa Silva's (CPOC) victory was even wider, having finished her race, with the distance of 13.6 km, in 52:16, against 58:28 of the former National Champion in 2015 and 2016, Susana Pontes (COC). Noémia Magalhães (Amigos da Montanha) achieved the bronze medal with the time of 1:11:38.

Daniel Marques and Ana Filipa Silva won Ançã MTBO 2017

The Portuguese MTBO Champions of Middle Distance in the young classes were Bernardo Rosa (COC), João Mendonça (BTT Loulé/BPI/ELEVIS), Tomás Mora (ADM Ori-Mondego) and Marisa Costa (BTT Loulé/BPI/ELEVIS), in M15, M17, M20 and W20, respectively. As for the masters, Kátia Almeida (ATV) and Marco Póvoa (ADFA) got the titles in W40 and M40, Luisa Mateus (COC) and Eduardo Sebastião (ADFA) did the same in the W50 and M50 classes and Jorge Artur (ADFA) achieved the title in the M60 class. NADA got the clubs' title in Men Elite class, BTT Loulé/BPI/ELEVIS was the winner in M17, COC won in M35 and ADFA in M45.

But the MTB Orienteering party didn't summed up to the Middle Distance Championships, and the participants had the chance to try a new Middle Distance stage on the second day. Ana Filipa Silva did another great race, winning by more than five-minute advantage, while the winner in the Men Elite class was Daniel Marques (COC), with an advantage of nearly three minutes over Duarte Lourenço (BTT Loulé / BPI / ELEVIS). In the two stages, Ana Filipa Silva and Daniel Marques were the great winners of the Ançã MTBO 2017, while BTT Loulé/BPI/ELEVIS got the first position in the collective standings.


Portuguese MTBO Championships of Middle Distance

Men Elite
1. Davide Machado (.COM) 47:25 (+ 00:00)
2. Daniel Marques (COC) 51:18 (+ 03:53)
3. João Ferreira (CA Bairrada) 52:52 (+ 02:27)
4. Duarte Lourenço (BTT Loulé/BPI/ELEVIS) 54:05 (+ 06:40)
5. Luís Barreiro (NADA) 54:08 (+ 06:43)

Women Elite
1. Ana Filipa Silva (CPOC) 52:16 (+ 00:00)
2. Susana Pontes (COC) 58:28 (+ 06:12)
3. Noémia Magalhães (Amigos da Montanha) 1:11:38 (+ 19:22)
4. Maria Sá (ADFA) 1:18:35 (+ 26:19)
mp Carla Saraiva (Ori-Estarreja)

Ançã MTBO Overall standings

Men Elite
1. Daniel Marques (COC) 1:41:01 (+ 00:00)
2. Duarte Lourenço (BTT Loulé/BPI/ELEVIS) 1:46:16 (+ 05:15)
3. Luís Barreiro (NADA) 1:46:37 (+ 05:36)
4. Marco Palhinha (CP Abrunheira) 1:50:20 (+ 09:19)
5. Fernando Henrique (NADA) 1:50:55 (+ 09:54)

Women Elite
1. Ana Filipa Silva (CPOC) 1:59:20 (+ 00:00)
2. Susana Pontes (COC) 2:10:39 (+ 11:19)
3. Noémia Magalhães (Amigos da Montanha) 2:35:41 (+ 36:21)
4. Maria Sá (ADFA) 2:44:11 (+ 44:51)
mp Carla Saraiva (Ori-Estarreja)

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