Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Thermenland Open 2017: Jan Furucz wins TrailO competition

The Thermenland Open 2017 took place last weekend in Hungary, with some really interesting FootO and TrailO competitions. Susy De Pieri and Jan Furucz were the main figures in the PreO and TempO stages, respectively.

Organized on a basis of a cross-border cooperation between the orienteering clubs of Zalaegerszeg in Hungary, Fürstenfeld in Austria, Medimurje in Croatia and Slovenia, the Thermenland Open returned to Hungary after 2010, 2011 and 2014, for a two-day competition of FootO and TrailO.

Attended by 26 athletes from Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy and Hungary, the TrailO competition was arranged by Zoltán Miháczi, with a PreO stage in Zalakaros Park, and a TempO stage, in Nagykanizsa, a beautiful place near a boating lake. Susy de Pieri (Eridano Adventure), Italy, achieved the victory in the PreO stage, after a tight fight with the Slovakian Jan Furucz (Farmaceut Bratislava) and the Slovenian Emil Kacin (OK Azimut). All three competitors finished the course with 22 out of 23 possible points. The two timed stations, with three tasks each, were decisive regarding the winner, with De Pieri being one-second faster than Furucz.

Jan Furucz took his revenge on the next day, performing amazingly in the TempO competition were
he was not only the fastest - with 215 seconds spent in the six timed stations, with five tasks each, and an average of seven seconds of answering time per task -, but also the most accurate, with three incorrect answers. Jan Furucz's total time was 305 seconds, 266 seconds less than the Hungarian Fruzsina Biró (BEA), second placed. Suzy De Pieri and Emil Kacin finished in the third position with the same time, just one second after Biró. Jan Furucz was Thermenland Open's overall winner, Suzy De Pieri finished second and Emil Kacin got the third place.


1. Susy De Pieri (Eridano Adventure, ITA) 22 points / 38 seconds
2. Jan Furucz (Farmaceut Bratislava, SVK) 22 points / 39 seconds
3. Emil Kacin (OK Azimut, SLO) 22 points / 194 seconds
4. Renato Bettin (Or Swallows, ITA) 21 points / 79 seconds
5. Ferenc Fehér (ZTC, HUN) 21 points / 91 seconds
6. Krešo Keresteš (OK Trzin, SLO) 20 points / 86 seconds
7. Fruzsina Biró (BEA, HUN) 19 points / 133 seconds
8. Alessandro Casarin (Or Swallows, ITA) 17 points / 114 seconds
9. (1. Junior) András Csertán (ZTC, HUN) 17 points / 161 seconds
10. Edit Palumbi (VHS, HUN) 17 points / 212 seconds
15. (1. Paralympic) Miksa Laáber (BEA, HUN) 15 points / 156 seconds

1. Jan Furucz (Farmaceut Bratislava, SVK) 305 seconds
2. Fruzsina Biró (BEA, HUN) 571 seconds
3. Susy De Pieri (Eridano Adventure, ITA) 572 seconds
3. Emil Kacin (OK Azimut, SLO) 572 seconds
5. (1. Junior) Barnabás Hargitai (ASK, HUN) 683 seconds
6. Krešo Keresteš (OK Trzin, SLO) 687 seconds
7. (2. Junior) Vid Keresteš (OK Trzin, SLO) 725 seconds
8. Ferenc Fehér (ZTC, HUN) 729 seconds
9. (3. Junior) Bertalan Kiss (SZT, HUN) 732 seconds
10. Renato Bettin (Or Swallows, ITA) 735 seconds
17. (1. Paralympic) Miksa Laáber (BEA, HUN) 900 seconds

Complete results, all maps and further information at http://adatbank.mtfsz.hu/esemeny/show/esemeny_id/6564.

Joaquim Margarido

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